Suggestion: Carts

I am sure we all have had too many items in our inventory. I like the mechanic, but it can be annoying. What about a cart with a chest or a cart you can ride in.
Imagine this, instead of having to walk 100 km with full inventory, you can get a shaleback and make it walk with a cart on it’s back.

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I agree and that’s why I hope mounts will carry items!

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yea we suggested this as a caravan feature to assist in base moving. 8]

According to what was planned 2 years ago some mounts (camels) should carry items. I don’t know if it’s still planned since Funcom clearly said that only horses will be released, but maybe we could expect more after the first draw of mount feature.

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As I remember horses were planned for mounted combat because they are more nimble and fast, whereas camels were more considered as travel mounts on which we harnesses material.

Maybe camels are not planned as mounts but will remain as carrier pets.

And ofc they were my first target too, big punch in the head :smile:

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I was disappointed that “punch a camel” was not a hidden achievement/journey step.

Obviously I tried.


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