Mounts and beasts of burden

I know the idea of mounts were scrapped for now due to issues with speed and how the world is built. But mounts that go at character sprinting speed would be nice enough. If they can just go on without losing stamina they would not need to be faster to be useful.

Also beasts of burden that just follow you - like the proposed carrying thrall would be cool.
Maybe start with a goat (preferably wearing packs) as the first tier, then a donkey, a camel and an elephant as the max carrier


While we do not know what the future will hold, we do know that FC devoted their effort to identifying and resolving the speed issue before developing the mount subsystems. Since they were not able to solve this problem in time, those subsystems (capture, taming, inventory, etc.) were never developed. Based on Joel Bylos’ comments in the past, it is unlikely that we will see partial implementation of mounts so long as FC believes that there is a possibility to include the full system (i.e. fast mounts) at some point in time.

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I would like see Mounts ( donkey camel elephant ) to follow the player with your thralls mount them for carrying stuff between your bases

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In a devstream they say slow mounts just looking stupid^^ what i understand.
And for carry a lot of stuff we have the new skill now (on testlive)

I really like the idea of mounts that can carry things, such as Elephants. It would be really cool and they could be super useful.