Transportation mounts & Carriage on PS4

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It would be great if we were to use the pets like camels & deer as mounts or add a small carriage to move more cargo around conan or simply a two wheel carriage to move about.

Mounts are indefinitely canceled. Not going to happen.

But congratulations. You are the 1,000,000th newbie to come in on the repeat suggestion that mounts are added to the game.

Lol I guess your right

No need to bash a new comer, mounts are put aside due to technicaly difficulties but transport of materials via mounts is still a possibility, where some could have increased storage over others but less damage or speed (whatever to justify their increased cargo capacity).

I think even if they found the funds to support mounts, or took a mod in for mounts, the concept for them to be in this game is not welcome. The world map is too small, npc’s in their current state have no counter against their speed allowing players to skip content without worry, and it would need a ton of mechanics added to make sense between combat, movement in various climate, falling damage, and mounting/dismounting (in-combat, out of combat, etc).

what if ya set a waypoint on the map and they teleport there after an amount of time (outside of raids) w the carriage? …also allow already placed thralls and pets to follow so we can more effectively move base.

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