Update about upcoming content

Please give US some hints about new major content updates, so we could feel that game is alive and still under serious development.
Any new dungeons, npc’s, map expansions, DLC with placeables?

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Yeah, but some pictures or more concreate information from the devs would be much appreciated.

To bad about the map.

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As far as I understand it, Funcom decided to stop writing the monthly newsletters for Conan Exiles. Instead Funcom is doing live streams each week with different days assigned to different teams. Sometimes their stream will be focussed on Conan Exiles.
See here for the schedule:

Usually Multigun (an enthusiastic Conan Exiles player) summarises the stream on the forums which is very helpful for those of us who don’t watch them …

Update we just got, also had Turan DLC hidden in it, so there that to.

There was talks of new dungeons and caves. Havnt seen much on that.

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It was a patch, a huge one, but not a major update. Updates are always combined with mainly a big new feature and lots of new content.
A patch is mainly about exploit and bugfixing, optimizations, corrections and less new features.

Those are still coming, 4 of them at least.

We are still working on the game, something easy to gather from our latest string of patches (including the massive one).
For more news on what’s to come, please keep an eye on our dev streams and usual communication channels :slight_smile:


Yeah, every patch makes me happy, and i love all the small changes You introduced lately. That being said i am disapointed that you decided to discontiniue weekly newsletter that was, very informative, easy to find, full of exciting pics.

Now i have a feeling that communication with players is fragmented and unfocused. As i mentioned in the opening post, i would be thrilled to see any promotional activity around next MAJOR content expansion. Not 2 elusive sentences at the end 1h livestream. Something that would make me belive that you plan a market comeback with this amazing game. Because there is something at the horizon, right?

This frequent silence in threads regarding content expansion (on other social platforms as well) makes me really sad. I would take “dont worry, well share something really soon” at this point.

Someone found possibility of a new DLC like the Aquilonian and Frontier stuff in a file dig hinting at the Turanian racial set for building, weapons, and armor.

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