Upcoming News for Conan Exiles

Thread is meant to be a mega thread for discussion. Please keep things civil. Key quotes from the presser are quoted below.

The intended acquisition is not finalized, and it’s up to existing shareholders on whether to accept the offer or not. To keep this strictly about Conan Exiles, here is the relevant info with regards to Conan. (article here)

Following the intended acquisition, there are no planned changes to Funcom management, staffing, or structure, with the company set to remain an independent business. Funcom will also continue to support its long-running online games Conan Exiles, Secret World Legends, Age of Conan, and Anarchy Online .

For the big Conan Exiles news

The Management Board’s recommendation to the Supervisory Board will be to increase the focus on the Open World Survival segment with Games-as-a-Service business model. This recommendation is based on the fact that Conan Exiles continues to perform well, with December 2019 having been the third best month in terms of average number players on PC since Early Access launch in January 2017 and with the Company continuing to develop the game with a paid map DLC (Downloadable Content) for release this year.

The performance of Conan Exiles and similar games indicates that this genre reports strong lifetime revenues. The recommendation also reflects the belief that both the Dune IP and the Survival games genre are a good match with a large long-term potential.

There are no other confirmations or details on what such a map will be or will have. Feel free to respond with your thoughts on what you think it will be, or what you hope it will have. At the very least, it confirms we have an exciting year ahead of us for Conan.





and of course no reaction to this rather monumental news is complete without this:


Games as service got me like :confused:

Map DLC got me like :smiley:

Should be interesting to see how it all shakes out. If it means they can spring for better servers and some GMs I’m all in though.

So long as there’s no damn gambling macrotransactions…


Does this mean no more g-portal :laughing:? Tencent don’t have a bad reputation in general considering that they have a majority stake in Path of Exile as well as many other games some of them quite popular. Hopefully, things will improve and the game we love won’t be forgotten.

Paid DLC map … I don’t know how I feel about that. I have never had any problem paying for my hobbies or to show support in general but somehow it doesn’t feel right even though I can see why it might be needed. I guess time will tell.

EDIT: To expand my post after some discussion on discord to avoid being misunderstood. I am not opposed to paying for a new map as long as you are not able to transfer anything between the two maps and gain advantage over the people who haven’t bought that map DLC. I am happy to get expansions and I am fine with the p2p model but I would hate to see the game going down the p2w route.


New map is good news, not sure about the rest, time will tell.

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It need not mean anything more sinister than a continuous stream of paid DLC to pay for the ongoing development of the game, ie the exact same as what we’re currently seeing. Of course GAAS can also mean a whole slew of hostile practices, such as micro-transactions, lootbox BS and worse.


Games as a Service is a general term. Conan Exiles in its current format with its existing DLCs is a Games as a Service business model.


Oh I know, just the term and my eternal cynicism

For me, just hearing “games as a service” gives me that same kind of feeling you get when a spider lands on your face


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So … what happens if you refuse to take the offer to give up your Funcom Shares for a pathetic 27% increase of the meager stock price from 21.1.2020? This is even less than the stock price at CEs release.

I hope the map DLC is an addition to current maps, rather than a standalone server that just looks different.

Perhaps a vast area where gaining further levels is possible. Better loot, meaner monsters, ect ect.

Love the news, ill be happy whatever the case.

Don’t make me wait very long!

I would love server admins, quests, higher max server players, and more gameplay loops (quests/shops/ect).

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I have been scouring and reading everything I can find on this new development for the last 2 hours. Business wise it sounds like allot of money, I am a graphic designer so my business skills are very little at best :rofl:

But the new map! OH HELLS YEAH!!! Paid is personally fine with me. I just can’t imagine what biomes there will be added that is new? They kinda covered most of the usual ones already. But I am filled with excitement!
I really hope they address this news with haste, I want to hear from an official source what is going on.
And even more important…WHEN!
Man, Conan Exiles is turning out to be one of the or even THE best game I ever bought!

:metal: :smiling_imp:


This is really good news!

The fact that it is paid is understandable … anyone who works on the project will have to be paid!
And that’s more than right …


  1. There should be a special discount for affecionados I think … that are all those users who bought Conan Exiles at the time of Early Access.

  2. It is paid. So anyone who buys it can access it freely? Will it have a noob area as its starting point and then its development in more dangerous areas?

  3. Or … much more interesting … it will be a paid product for 60lv players. By this I mean that it will be a new map for high level players and this makes things interesting because:

  • It would extend the life of the game.

  • Let’s add a small biome to the current map (maybe the east coast, the foggy one). There you will find a friendly city made up of sailors. With a simple quest turns out that someone has discovered the possibility of reaching a new area by sea. This is always an area limited by the green barrier, but people wear other bracelets, etc …

  • To access the new map you will have to pay a ticket for the passage by ship. The ticket will be the keystone! Then you discover that there is a keystone trade that is being sold to the wealthier adventurers to get out of prison …

  • Once on the new map it would be nice to discover the possibility of growing from level 60 to level 100 … with consequent additions to attributes, skills, recipes, etc …

  • What happen if you leave the new map to the old? Do you miss all the levels and go back to level 60? It could also be. Some forces work only in certain places, but at this point the new map should be at least twice the size of the current one. So as not to create a need for a return.

  • Without changes to the levels you could think about other solutions. So the two maps would be connected by a simple, but very expensive, trip by ship.

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Was I the only one that stopped reading after this and jumped up from the chair dancing around? :rofl: :star_struck:


As long as its based on a map of Eternia…


This are good news and I am Looking Forward to the new map etc. But:
As console player the total outcome will depend on the Quality of the product. I am still not happy since the horses update. My biggest wish is: Clean the house and keep it clean (bug-wise).
Second is: Implement what we ask for so long and not necessary something different (thrall update). Give us searching bar, clothable Workers and a Wheel of pain with the thralls that are broken and a thousand of other requests. Show a bit more love to us console Players.

LOL…! what kind of advantage? more powerful weapons? trust me, if you are a fan for the game you WILL pay for the new map, people will pay to get he new items as most have done with the DLCs, in fact, they could use that to encourage sales of the DLC… i cant find a problem with the model, you can call it EXPANSION, and all of them are paid!

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I think p2w is an overused term. Besides, anyone with the new map will have the original map, so everyone on the new map will be on equal footing. I can only speak for myself, but when we get a new map, my server will reset and I expect all my players to be playing in the new zone… just a hunch.

I just hope we can quickly travel back to the original map. I have a nice homestead built up and I don’t want to move HQ. Maybe it can be like the Far Harbour expansion for Fallout 4. I just went there to explore and do quests but I never built anything there really significant.