Upcoming News for Conan Exiles

Lets hope there is a fast way… Otherwise the current map would be quite empty.

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Thanks to this fractured timeline, I was free to design a time machine in my early 40s, and because Dogecoin, I now had the resources to build it. You’re not gonna enjoy the 2030s.

By then we’ll have a Game Company, much like a utility, that’ll shut off your gaming supply for non-payment.

Concerning this deal, if we can get a Map that adds functionality, as well as one that adds new terrain and opportunities, I’d be very happy.

  • Something like a Barracks Unit, for players who want to log on and crush heads, would be very nice. The Barracks Unit would be a placeable “base.” Inside it would be zones – rooms – where other players may be given ownership of a bed, and other storage items, with or with clan membership;
  • Ready-made buildable elements, such as tunnels, towers and maze pieces;
  • A Combat Zone with a ready-made Arena and Maze, with chests;
  • A Bad Sports Zone for dirty players: 2-phase banishment, first to an inescapable Zone in the New Map, then to a Bad Sports Server

If we’re talking New Map, I’d like to be able to entice players who enjoy modes such as Battle Royale and Capture The Flag. I have found – other than players who have many hours in Ark – these sorts of players are eager to start building and fighting for real, rather than just ad hoc, or even for a fornite.


Selling out to Tencent is not a good idea.



And why is that?

Interesting how you guys spread your naive expectations here about all the beautiful game functions a new map would have. Please face the reality of this: Tencent has a much higher standard in reading user data and ultimately deducing profitable monetization models. Look at their other videogaming projects and you will get the picture of what is coming for CE.


Seems like that might’ve been directed at me, so,

If you work with business people on a regular basis, you understand quickly that when it comes to acquisitions, they want the status quo, just more of it. Now is the time to assert what we want, and that this Community is engaged and active. We’ve been invited by the developers to do so for a reason, and it is time, as players, to take action. We need to tell them what we think would make Conan Exiles more successful.

I invite everybody to look at the Investors page at Funcom. Please note, there are restrictions:


The news item is titled:


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Tencent isnt normaly so stupid, to try to sell the wrong mechanics in the wrong markets.

China (or most of Asia) is Pay2win/heavy microtransactoins. I think if your game is online, you arent even allowed to sell the game for money. It has to be free!! There was something with Diablo3, which is free in China. But there you have micro-transactions, which NO ONE else worldwide has.

Do many people from China/Asia play Conan? Are they fans of it?
They have a crap load of MMORPG many people from the rest of the world dont even know that this game exists.

Some MMORPG examples: Swordsman-Online, ASTA Online, Cabal 2, Echo of Soul or Blade and Soul.

Tencent also bought Riot Games, which make LoL.
They are also a big share holder of Epic and Fortnite is still the same.

So I doubt the game will changed into a micro-transaction cashcow. Maybe another future game from FC then, which targets more the asian/china market.

The user data are a different thing. At least in EU you are to some degree protected by the GDPR.

Didn’t that die as a trend already?


According to Nielsen’s game-industry research arm, SuperData, Fortnite brought in a staggering $1.8 billion in revenue in 2019

:smiley: I also played Fortnite for some time… It was kinda nice, but all my mates went to CoD 3000, and FIFA 4000… I went to CE instead :smiley:

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For PVP raiding, it would be an advantage if i could store stuff on the paid map that i raided off of the non-paid original map. Sort of under-meshing the legal way to stash loot.

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That is my hope as well. I would love a PVE dungeon crawler map for the PVE/soloists…an arena style map that focuses on the melee fighting, and then a raid style capture the flag map that focused on siege. The rewards would place-ables for the main map as trophies, maybe skins for weapons, pets, hell even thralls,etc. This will keep it balanced as far as OG map and non buyers of the map.


I checked LinkedIn a few weeks ago and noticed a few new developers working on Conan Exiles, so it seems in line with focusing more on the Open World Survival genre. Definitely excited to see what they can come up with, especially with more capital and developers working on it. Company mergers are never easy as an employee so hopefully there isn’t a lot of attrition after the potential buyout from Tencent.

The new map is a good change from reskinning weapons/armors/placeables as we’ve had in the past few DLCs. I’m hoping it’s some kind of crossover with Anarchy Online’s biomes/lore, but who knows. Maybe it’ll have to do with the religions in Conan.

Oh I guess I should have been clearer. I didn’t mean every battle royale game died - that’s demonstrably false. What I meant with ‘as a trend’ was that for a while every studio seemed to have a BR game either out or in active development (or both!), I’m not seeing that as much any more.


A new map DLC is a good idea, and I really think that they’ve been needing to wean themselves off this religion of DLC’s being purely cosmetic. I don’t think that DLCs should offer items with game-breaking advantages over the standard game, but additional paid content in the form of maps is perfectly fine.

I’m personally hoping it also means a level cap increase to 70 with all of the new map content being 60+. And before people start howling, we see this all the time with other games. It’s as normal as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

Edit: As exciting as the new map is, I really do hope they devote some time and resources to tackling some of the more persistent bugs in the core game. And do not repeat the fiasco that was the Mounts update.


Pleeeease dont make me rent two servers to have both maps! Pretty please! Not saying it was implied, stated or otherwise; just getting that out there while it’s still being planned



Yes :mechanical_arm:


There is this one thing I don’t understand…

The game is doing well, so lets change the model and now have pay for content? I thought DLC were just cosmetics. Me (as probably many others who bought the game recently) wouldn’t have done it if there was going to be a pay wall for content.

Why change it now that is finally working?

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They’re not taking anything away from players. Would you prefer they create a new map, call it Conan Exiles 2 and have you pay another $50 for it, just to remain true to the “cosmetic only DLC” model? I would not.

This is a press release for investors. Gamers care about the distinction between a “cosmetic DLC” and an “expansion”. To investors, those are simply DLCs.

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