Will there be more content for conan exiles?

Will there be more content for conan exiles?

I hope so

The Management Board’s recommendation to the Supervisory Board will be to increase the focus on the Open World Survival segment with Games-as-a-Service business model. This recommendation is based on the fact that Conan Exiles continues to perform well, with December 2019 having been the third best month in terms of average number players on PC since Early Access launch in January 2017 and with the Company continuing to develop the game with a paid map DLC (Downloadable Content) for release this year.


In Nov they had approx 19k unique users with a bump in Dec 19 to around 39k but its now subsided back to around 19k unique users and declining.

At the moment the median average for players per day is around 7-8k …down from previous months.

All i am saying is this is getting close to that point where a sugar rush (DLC) may pay dividends to claw back some of that 39k of player base to a refresh of the game.

They have around 50+ engineers and 80 design centric folks…so either Conan is 100% a huge update coming or that labour force is being applied to the next game, which doesn’t bode well for Conan Exile fans…as game studios historically don’t have a great reputation for split attention on old vs new game labour balances.

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Soon tm

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