New significant content looks way to far ahead (maybe never)

As Funcom has been quite since December 22, the fears about the future of this game is more present for me than ever, speially after reading they last Weekly Community Newsletter of December 19 which reads:

“Come January 31st, the game will have been available for two years! We have several more updates and bug fixes to roll out, after all, including 4 more dungeons that we still haven’t revealed yet!.. …Going forward, our current focus is improving the core aspects of Conan Exiles in the next couple of months. This includes improving the Purge, fixing exploits, and improving AI and thralls”.

This is heart breaking since the current content of the game is getting old and fast, this along with statements about how the map is completed and the possibility that mounts and sorcery never see the light of day, make very difficult to find a reason to get back to the game and I doubt that 4 new dungeons are enough to bring players back… not to compare since is a diferent genre, but heck, Skyrim is like 9 years old and I haven’t seen all the dungeons nor visited all the cities yet… much less compleated all the quest of vanilla. All of this is amplified with the lack of replayability or real objectives of the old dungeons (without talking about the simplicity of their design), lore, immersive and light story-telling elements and overall new mechanics in the game.

The pet system, new God and dungeon was released on Octuber 9, which seems ages away (and seems far too small in comparison with the last big update that came with the launch wich was the jungle and volcano biomes with new religion, dungeons, creatures, armors, weaponds and more) really didn’t impresed me that much and is too similar to the Thral system IMO…

Now Funcom has just stoped talking about future big updates, mechanics and additions to the map, and are only talking about bug fixing and small improvement.

Don’t get me wrong, the core game is awesome, the multiplayer is a lot of fun and there’s an inherent appeal to the hyborian universe and the atmosphere of the game, that makes me want to play it more than Witcher 3 or Skirim in SOLO, even if it has a third of the content in comparison to those games, so clearly Funcom did a lot of things right. But I don’t know if this narrative indicates the end of Conan Exiles’ expansions, it sure sound like it, specially since they are now working in the single player focused game with Conan as the protagonist (which I’m dying to play).

I hope that before closing shop, Conan exiles goes out with a big bang… with an update so big and overwhelming that allow for PVP, PVE and SOLO players to comeback to the game constantly for many years to come, an even atract many new players. In any case it has been a nice ride and I was worth every penni for me. Let’s see what the future holds.


do you play on pvp ? because on pvp we have a slight problem :slight_smile:

ability to undermesh and build base not accessible to others
ability to glitch base in closed structure where you are unraidable
infinite grit glitch
gitch to walk underwater and be and be able to fire arrowS

that are game breaker, there is no point to adding new contents if the game is not fair on pvp, and full of people still using those exploits.


To be fair, quite a lot of us (me included) have been vocal about wanting them to do exactly that - not because we don’t want new content updates, but because it felt like new marketable content was prioritized over core system fixes etc, and as a result the game was getting less and less stable with every update.

So I for one am just fine with them focusing on fixing the systems that are in place before adding anything more.

For the record, “radio silence” over the Christmas/New Year’s period is nothing to be worried about, and we’ve only just emerged on the other side of that. If we reach this time next month with no updates (to TestLive) in sight, then I might feel slightly worried, too.


Look please dont misunderstand this post. I am absolutely dying for new content. But the game really needs fixes above all else at the moment. If a new player was to start playing tomorrow and experience the stutter and lags we all are (most of us anyway), they would probably consider throwing a whammy and quitting. From a long-term viability point of view, it doesnt matter how much content there is, if the game doesnt run well and stutters frequently, they will get frustrated, lose interest and quit. Four new dungeons is nothing to sneer at. I REALLY want new content too, but the primary focus for now needs to be on stabilising the existing content of the game which we all know and love, first and foremost. Be patient…let Funcom reign in the situation first and show us a good time soon enough.


Sorry if I didn’t made myself clear, is not that I’m against bug fixing, is just that I personally think that is not enough bug fixing alone is not enough to keep the game fresh.

4 dungeons is a lot if done right (dedicated to making different builds other than farming and combat meta if you want to beat them faster would be awesome to me), plus the NPC’s are getting combat update with test live patch going on that hopefully puts some challenge in killing a MOB.

Well it’s as always about finding the balance. New features bring in players both new and returning. A stable game helps keep them playing while a buggy mess will drive them away.

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I don’t think that 4 dungeons is a lot, unless you make them multilayered, multilevel 2 hours mazes like in Oblivion (judging them on previous dungeons and taking into account that NPC creatures don’t level up with you… I really don’t see this happening).

You forgot the 50 perk in all attributes glitch/ hack that players still do. I literally saw two servers go from 30+ active players to 0 because of this.

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This is back?
Damn…it was one of the early headaches of trying to play fair. Scummy Cheaters is what our clan called them , and we actually voted whether some of us needed to do it to defend until patched. 2 reluctantly did it, and would only use when we encountered the cheaters, once patched we put it away for good i thought. Felt dirty afterwards :confused:
Looks like another vote is coming for our clan.

all these different exploits are killing the game. Server after server on all platforms are ruined by trolls who can’t fight. Sadly a lot of these exploits are symptomatic of a failed QA process. Not all bugs can be prevented but the amount of game breaking bugs and the seemingly slow response time to fix them causes players to quit en mass .

Yep, some days ago this clan that used to play on my server, appeared again just to terrorize the few ppl that were on “4 players”, dupping bombs like crazy and with 50 perks. Guess what, the server can’t even get new players because of these type of players, and without moderation, unfortunately this is FC fault, i know i know, easy with the blaming, but without professional aid, theres no much on what honest players can do, and exploit hunters apparently isnt enough.

Sad but true, we’re all witnessing the dying of a young project that could be a Titan.

Most importantly they try make new game

Iam not against it but CE need Care now much more, and content, content, content

If you bothered to do any research they are not developing the new game they are only the publisher for it because they have the licence rights. Thank god funcom are not developing it. Yes 50 stat glitch is back probably always been there just a bit harder to do.

I dont mean conan rts, i mean game Wich IS in pre produdtion since q4 2018

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I couldn’t disagree more.

Please don’t add any new mechanics. They should focus on bug fixes and performance.


There still is the lingering knowledge of a sorcery system and a rework of siege being worked on…
They probably have been hushed up so they wont spoiler us anything.
Also some regions in this world actually got holidays around christmas and new year, so that may serve as a reason why there was little to no sound from Funcom.

Calm down. Everything will be fine.
Also looking at the patchnotes of testlive, the next patch will bring quite a few interesting changes.

Eh… My emotions and thoughts on that will be twisted.
Will they just stop providing more stuff for Conan Exiles?
Is the next big update almost as far as ready to be release on testlive?

The one being super negative, while the other gets me excited…
However, I do think that exploitfixes should always be part of patches and updates.
The real issue being that it seems that no player who first gets to know of these seems to be reporting them. Unfortunately I got almost zero experience with exploits and am not able to find new ones.

well this isn’t quite accurate isn’t? I think you are missinformed or I didn’t made myself clear… Conan Unconquered is being developed by Petroglyph and published by Funcom, while an untitled Single Player game with Conan as protagonist (the game @Zajczev is refering to) , is being developed by Funcom Oslo (CE team is Funcom Oslo), and now Funcom just bought portuguese studio Zona Paradoxal, which helped with Conan Exiles to continue working on the game. At least this is the info that has been developing since the last financial report, so maybe it is you who hasn’t made research lately. If you have new information I think is more constructive to share it instead of just calling out “my lack of research”, after all we ara all here to get new info…

ehm, that game i talking about is multiplayer developed by funcom, with preproduction suposed to start at q4 2018, about singleplayer i didnt find anything

at least this says funcoms career page:
The first project for this position will be on a new open-world multiplayer game that is in early concepting stage, to enter pre-production in Q4 2018

even have no idea if it be conan, probably something else i supose

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thats the reason why i play on moderated server. a quite good moderator kicks those hacker and exploiters without any reason.