We need a Major update Now!

The game boring. A major update needs to happen now. Money is why.

Do you understand devs. Money! The more major updates the more cash you can make off of your DLC cosmetics.

Money! More stuff added to Conan Exiles equals more MONEY to make.

Hurry up on your Sorcery or the open world Sorcery game coming this year will end Conan Exiles.

That money you could be earning devs.

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Hi Bryan

As I mentioned in other posts already it is my personal believe that new content will not be the solution in the situation the game is currently in.

There is no need to bring even more content and introduce even more bugs, just take a look at the DLC-Skinpacks having their own Bugs (no I am not hinting at all that the devs are bad or the like)
I did not encouter a real game-breaking bug yet or at least no such bug I could not fix with mods.

Also the idea of another major bugfix does not excite me since it is my personal opinion that I rather would go back to pre-MOAP since, for me, the patch gave me more disadvantages than advantages, I still have my fun with the game.


A dead game becomes a worthless game. We haven’t had a major update. It’s Over due.

I don’t even know if consoles got the big bug/glitch yet.

People will lose focus on this game. I preorder. It not fair to preorders and day 1 buyers to not have everything promise to us. This game was sold as a full game. I want my full game features.

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would it be hard to be more specific?

I mean what is a “major” update in your eyes? I am not playing that long and haven’t seen all yet so I am not as frustrated as you, but I guess if some of the devs would read this they would not be able to make anything …


Have you read the latest weekly-newletter?
You will be pleased, all the talk about new content, new DLC and whatnot, you will love it :stuck_out_tongue:
Somewhere between all that they also mention the parity-patch for consoles will be post-poned to next week so no they did not get it yet.

I want a feature-complete (as much as what was promised) too, but I want a working game and that is more important to me than new things to do, especially since I cannot enjoy the full content since Purges do not work on my server.

Should the new content not be working as intended I assume you would be one of the first to come back there to complain about it, righfully so.
I think the chance of having unstable content is way higher when introducing it into an unstable core-game (in terms of bugs, and I do not say it is not playable at all)


What we need is a major bug fix, one that actually doesn’t break more than it fix.
New content can wait until the base game works as intended.


Agreed :+1:

If a patch really just fixes bugs and issues and does not introduce new ones, I really do not care how big it is, heck then I would even say “the bigger the better” :smiley:

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Sorry to ask but troll much?

I am one who is totally, absolutely, in no way interested in FO64 and I am probably not the only CE player with that sentiment.

You are talking about bugs in CE and bring FO64 as reason why everyone will quit, that is hillarious.
You are aware this game comes from Bethesda? The same company re-releasing Skyrim about 30 times with all the same bugs since 7!! seven years.
I absolutely love Skyrim but it is a hot mess, just check the unofficial patch and what it fixes.

I for one honestly wish you a hell of a lot of fun when you start playing FO64 a pure PVP game with no survival and building and nukes and no NPC’s and no quests and whatever, we basically do not know much at this point, but still wish you all the fun on earth.:+1:

Lol apart from being an online sandbox game, they’re nothing alike. Not defending CE in any way but I have no real interest in fallout. Don’t see how people would like FO just because they like CE.

No more major bug fixes please… We need small, well tested fixes more often instead.


Yep Bethesda are not free from bugs, true. However even the worst Bethesda title is a billion times more stable than CE is, i never had all my stored items wiped, followers vanish, progress reset, buildings vanish, crafting stations unbind and disappear, equipped item vanish, armor vanish in Skyrim or Fallout, I could go on. Im sure Bethesda will produce a fine game, their track record speaks for itself, so does Funcoms…


Do not get me wrong I really really love Skyrim and I like Bethesda as developers but in all fairness we have to point out that in Skyrim, speaking of unmodded, there were queststoppers, NPC not appearing Events not triggering and so on plus crashes.
And I will not even start to talk about the UI, especially the inventory and such.

I cannot judge how it is today since for years I do not play it vanilla, did neither Skyrim SE nor Skyrim VR even start without mods and thats kind of a track record as well :slight_smile:

Yes CE has problems, yes I agree they could do things differently, yes maybe some or many will switch to FO64.
I just think it is about as justified to praise FO64, while the entirety of the world does not even know what game it should be, as it is to bash upon FUNCOM for currently struggling:
IT IS NOT justified at all.


Ok some fair points, but you have to admit Funcom don’t help themselves, like the earlier poster said, we really need drip-fed bug fixes because the 500 fix failed in spectacular fashion, I have stopped playing for over a month now (while Funcom closed for the holidays) I hope thet do fix this game, but I fear the rapidly dwindling playerbase will eventually just be a couple thousand hardcore fans. CE has been valuable to the industry however as an example of how not to roll out content, fixes or unfinished base products.

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Mate I can admit/agree to that without hesitation I myself stated that in several posts already.

I can just imagine what they thought about when they were about to build/release this 500+ patch (to be honest I doubt the number since the patchnotes did not mention 500 changes but that is besides the point here).
It sounds tempting to fix almost everything in one big patch and satisfy the playerbase all in one.

Personally I can relate to that decision since many here rather seem to focus on new content (pets/magic) than being concerned about the bugs in the game, and that is fine if they do so.

I assume it was FUNCOM’s plan to squash all the bugs at once so they could focus on the new content and to be fair that would have been great but it went differently.
They probably already assigned the workloads, laid out all the future content free or paid, and planned their resources (workforce) accordingly, at least I would have done so.

It is probably quite a stressful situation for them to now fight on more than one front because they probably anticipated thing to turn out differently.

We should cut them some slack, yes I am not fully satisfied they way the focus all their livestreams and newsletters around content, yes we have issues in the game but none of them gamebreaking, or I did not encounter them.

I would like to see the following:

  • They can keep their newsletter and livestreams focused on content since it is basically used for marketing and we all profit when they are able to attract more players who like the game
  • Give us an update about the current progress of bugs (could you find them?/did you fix them/ do you need help from the community?) this could happen every Friday, or rather twice a week till the situation calms down.
  • Around Wednesday release some updates (be it TestLive or Live) and if you cannot bring an update create an annoucement with an approximation when it will happen and what you plan to fix
  • Maybe on Monday bring a list with the best suggestions of the past week you can collect feedback on. I mean you make an art contest as well so why not let us help shape the game further

As you can see it all leads to more communication and should not be too hard for them.


Good points, I am prepared to cut Funcom some slack, just dont know for how much longer. If you haven’t had any gamebreaking bugs then you’ve done well, wish my experience was the same. The biggest dissapointment it the potential in the game that has yet (or may never) materialize. Lets hope Funcom has the sense to learn from past mistakes, i will watch this space :slight_smile:

Are you trolling? Just a hour before you started a topic because you fail at fighting a world boss alone and now you write something about how boring the game is!? So many players try to get the developers to test and fix their game properly before any further releases of new content (DLC/Upgrades).

Personal, I’m very happy that Funcom put so much effort into their game and adding new, free content while giving us the option to by additional DLC. But if somebody asks me about the game, they go all meh when they hear of the bugs and troubles still lingering.

First comes first. First you build the foundation, then you go up.


They been working on bugs/glitches for months. Giving us tiny patches. If anything add A Major update and do weekly bugs/glitches fixes. This way bugs/glitches are fix and the game development is not slow down. The game still a beta version. Until we get what was promised at E3. The game still a beta to me.


Devs? Are you even there. I warn you what coming. Prepare to lose money. It’s coming. Another new survival game. This game lacks content. Space Hulk tatics is coming out soon as well. This game lacks content. Space Hulk tatics is coming out. This game lacks bug/glitch fixes. Space Hulk tatics is coming out soon. This game lacks major updates. Space Hulk tatics is coming out. This game lacks pets right now. I’m going Space Hulk tatics. There no point in playing conan exiles until it’s out of beta version. The gameplay boring. Enemies op. There also lack of 1 major update. I see no future and wish I never bought the unfinished beta that they dare call a game. Ark did it better. Ark below most open world survival games to me.

Look devs. Open your eyes. Your game is boring. Throw in a major update here and there. Fix the texture later. And boom baby your pockets full of money. Do weekly bug fixes. Boom! What that in your pockets. It’s money. You want a big and happy fanbase. You’re letting us down. Breaking our hearts. I want this game to succeed. You’re making it hard. Weekly patchs are easier on the game and your team. Throw a dog a bone. We’re starving here.

Ark over 3 years old.

Ark released DLC before coming out of beta.

Ark when it left early access a year ago had major issues.

Space Hulk tactics completely different genre of game.

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