We need a Major update Now!

You might want to read second post. I want this game to succeed. I want her to rock our world. I want the best from her. I want her to make ark devs shake in there boots.

I love brutal games lad. I like to let my barbarian rage out.


You like brutal games?!?

You don’t want to feed animals because it’s too hard.

You want enemies nerfed because they’re OP.

You want T3 buildings to be easier to make.

You make me laugh.


Lad, I Don’t like bulky hp Enemies with no skills to call there own. I rather they be fast and worth my time. Or cleaver and lure me into a trap. Lad, brick isn’t just T3. You forgot it’s T2 too.


Looks like another No man sky. Empty promises. The devs have yet yo deliver. Just like no man sky. I’m going to inform sony on this lack of content game. We are the gamers. Let us test it. This game half bake. And it charge full bake cookie price.

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When this a year later?

I think they took a picture of the recent stats for it.

My bad. I thought It was a no man sky update with features they promise.

Yeah. A year later. Games tend to evolve. Even those that were over-hyped and mis-advertised.
Reason No Man’s Sky is named “Biggest Game Come-back of 2018” is because Hello Games is systematically implementing what it promised to begin with.

Only thing missing now is that infamous giant sandworm.

It shows that despite hitting rock bottom, games can recover against all odds. And I do really mean against all odds cuz No Man’s Sky is synonymous with the word “Scam” now, and yet it thrives despite of that, because they never gave up.

They worked on the game because they have fun doing it and could afford to do so from all the money they “scammed” off people.

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They still are untrusted by many gamers. There company took A HUGE hit.

There on a bad rep. Companies will demand more gamer footage from them now on. If they messed up again it’s game over.

Which is exactly why they simply don’t do newsletters or even communicate with the world at all until 1 week before the patch releases. (They do those Augmented Reality Games to generate hype though, but it’s often so vague that they practically can’t trip up)
Then it’s 2 weeks of intense hot-fixing after patch release, then they vanish from the public eye again.

And… HelloGames kind of showed the world that the world doesn’t need to trust HelloGames to keep their promises. They’ll work toward it regardless.

In a way… it’s a blessing in disguise to have a catastrophic reputation cuz then you don’t have PR overheads.
There’s nothing to fix, until something’s fixed.

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This is actually an absolutely beautiful piece, by one of the medias who crucified him to begin with.

It shows a lot of the same sentiments we have on the forums about how a game should be both for the community and the designers vision… but that No Man’s Sky is also one of the very few games that never had early access or ever sold DLC’s, even after 3 major consecutive updates across 2 years.

It’s almost like the roles reversed between a small privately owned company and a large publicly traded company.

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Some games might fail because the devs listen to the gaming community, others might be fine.
There are very different strategies out there. Research the mindset of the Nintendo game developers. They say they make games if they trust there vision even if it meant that the company was facing bankruptcy once in a while. I don’t like it if companies do not communicate accurately but I consider myself a more of a forgiving and patient gamer. Not always most most of the time.

Learn from Sea of Thieves.

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