A major update needs to happen NOW

This game going to be forgotten soon. There A BIG lack of content. This game already had an arrow to the leg with no full nudity for consoles. And another to the chest with crashes,bugs and glitches on Day 1 of release.

Let’s not put an axe to the head with huge updates taking forever to get here.


… is an american issue. :wink:


The game was already forgotten by everyone during early access. Players will get tired of the game in the coming months until a major patch/dlc is out, but it doesn’t have to happen now.

The game has enough content for casuals, not every game is for people who live inside the game.


Agree here. Most of my gaming hours (between work and living life) have been spent on Conan Exiles since it released, and I am pretty sure there is still masses of content we have not explored.

Though we are a pretty casual group of players.


Major update with 500+ bug fixes and DLC coming soon to PC and other platforms later.

Conan Exiles is not an mmorpg that needs to stay alive for years upon years while dodging the attacks of stupid online people! I think it’s on a very good track and will, of course, as every other game, get old and have less players.

I am pretty sure though it will never be forgotten and always have players. But anyway, it’s still fresh and fixes and changes will come soon and with it I at least will have more fun with Conan Exiles than I have now. :slight_smile:


I’ve been play since a week or two after launch. I haven’t touched half the desert, any of the jungle, and barely stepped foot in the frozen north. It’s a very personal problem when you rush through all the early and mid game content, and rely solely on end game.

I agree a patch would be great, but no amount of patches will ever fix players rush to end game mentality.


I have nudity- it is an American console issue. Pcs are fine.


I’d say there’s plenty to see and do. 120 hours or so spent so far and I’ve still only explored about 2/3 of the map. Sure it’ll probably fade into obscurity before all that long, but that’s what most games do.

If the nudity thing is a big deal for you then there are various websites that may cater to your needs ;D


I’ve never understood to complaint about nudity censoring. I play on pc and keep it to partial because, well, why do I care to see a floppy digital penis. And as mentioned, it’s not Funcoms fault some regions want that censored for certain ratings.


the game is pretty much dead on PS4.

I think this is just the longevity of the game. It was only ever meant to last a couple of months or so. No global chat, no server transfers when these types of games absolutely need those 2 things to stay alive. It was fun, but it’s over now and unless they have some really great plans to breathe life back into this game, it’s just over that’s all.

Take into account that not everyone plays online.


not just an american issue… SEA for some reason has it as well… ON PC! only playing single player is it ok… but any official servers in asia has no nudity… sadly

honestly have no idea how you could even do that… not only is it just a yawn fest… but its also is WAAAY more buggy then online

This is the wrong place for the complaint. Here’s where you need to go:


This isn’t even an American issue since the SCOTUS ruled Video Games as protected free speech no matter how much violence or nudity/sex is in them. Anytime a store asks for ID to buy a M-rated game its a store policy, not a law, regulation, or ordinance (all are illegal under the US Constitution). But stores reserve the right to not sell content they do not agree with.

This game needs a major update before it is announced.

We need a major update. More games being release.

Don’t expect the “500 + fixes” update to remedy the game’s bugs. Look at Funcom’s track record. Non of the updates or hotfixes have fixed much of anything.
And those of you who think you have a lot more content to find simply because you haven’t done much exploring yet are in for a big let down. The map is big and full of things to look at…but it’s also absolutely replete with empty space. I know, I’ve been playing since early access.
This game has been one big let down after another. Don’t think for one second that Funcom will magically get their crap together any time soon.
This game was released on May 8th and on Steam already thousands of players have stopped playing. Don’t believe me? Go to Steam Charts and have a look. A lot show up when updates are released…then the numbers go way down because nothing gets fixed.

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There loss in profits.

So BigDave, the game has been a letdown since Early Access and still you’re here. Hm.