The servers start to empty again

with the latest patch I noticed the abandonment of many users due to the game being unplayable. the servers start dying again. during the release of the patches there is talk of a resolution of multiple problems that I have never personally encountered. is funcom really interested in solving these serious problems? release new dlc without taking care of the basic aspect of the game that does not hold is right? the game has serious technical problems. sometimes the funcom itself blames us players for using exploits when it’s the game itself that forces you. conan exiles is a great title, the problem is who works behind it


Sadly, I have to agree. The thing that bothers me most is the lack of game balance in their games. But how do you want to archieve proper game balance if you have multiple glitches in the game.
Nowadays, I have more fun playing balanced games like Dota2 or AoE2:DE.


who pays is always the player and not the one who takes the money without guaranteeing the minimum playability

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I have to say I have noticed this too

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Funcom needs to spend some time just fixing the core game. Improve the netcode so that they can increase the server populations, balance the combat, fix long known bugs and exploits. I’ve seen so many missed opportunities for this game to approach Ark and Rust in player numbers, and yet every time we see people leave, citing imbalanced PvP combat, bugs, exploits and server lag.

I like Conan Exiles, and that’s why I care about the state of the game and the company. But Funcom really needs a “come to Jesus” moment. They need to recognize the core stuff that needs to be fixed and then FIX IT. Otherwise we’re going to keep seeing people quit.


Uhhh, the patch has been out since 1st part of December. I don’t think people are leaving because of the patch. I think it is the normal down turn. If anything the last patch had the longest spike run since Actual Release. I think people wer on leveling and thralling for the most part. but the fact they put in the time, tells me the patch is headed in the right direction for the game.
Check the Conan Steam Charts, and you will see spikes that are followed by a leveling out. This last one rode for about 60+ days before the down swing.


your point of view is interesting. honestly the game has reached a level of unplayability ever seen and calculates that I play from the exit. sometimes I have to stay in the base just because the game does not give you an alternative and honestly the thing after years from the release begins to be questionable beyond any logical reasoning that I appreciate but do not fully agree. so much has been said, little has been done

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It is not my point of view. I was just saying numbers don;t back your cliam this particular patch is driving players away. If it was the last patch, you would have saw a spike and a sharp decline immediately in mid December. Instead, the tweaked momentum and the numbers leveled for a good while at the highest since release. Which indicates the patch entertained enough to make people log in. We are seeing a soft(ter) downturn in avg players than normal patch/update spikes after release, which to me points into gamers just being gamers and moving to other games that are constantly being released, along with other updates to their games in their library, etc.


I understand what you write. we only hope that the effort does not come only from the front of us players and that everything can improve for the better

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No one forces anyone to cheat.

I would like you to spend time on a pvp server to better understand it. I suppose you are one of those players who loves to play in single player where everything shines and glitters

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I didn’t have to read past this to know you’re a pvper who plays on official servers. Let’s clarify a few things:

  1. Fixes are constantly coming for things. I have been in this community since the very beginning and let me tell you, it’s incredibly shortsighted to claim they’ll never fix things. They even have a testlive up right now with some fixes already.

  2. The dodge isn’t ruined, it’s just used differently now. Adapt, and get used to it. It’s actually a dodge now; not armadillo rolling away from all your problems.

  3. The game isn’t dying. People called it dead day one, people called it dead a year later and then a year after that. Here we all are still. Just because a handful of pvpers are ragequitting because their meta changed, doesn’t spell the death of the game.

  4. The DLCs fund free updates. People don’t work for free, I don’t get why that’s such a hard concept for so many to grasp. If they hid bugfixes behind a paywall, by all means be mad. But for now people like me buying a reskin of a wall piece for the 8th time helps them provide people like you with the bugfixes you need.


I play Official PVP I have NEVER restored to cheating, I think cheating is for the weak, and they only cheat themselves.

On old Testlive US2 it had no raid timer, no ping limiter. it was over run with cheaters and glitches.
When it was shut down, I was the only player still there, because no matter how many times I was knocked down I got up again.


I’ve already adapted to dodges and more for some time, I don’t need a lesson, believe me. it almost seems like you made a copy and paste. however, everyone expresses their point of view and I don’t think I fully share your comment

Cheating is for people of low moral fiber.

It sounds copy paste because you’ve probably been told this a million times already and chose to ignore all of it in favor of trying to justify cheating.

Maybe. Yet here we are nearly 2 years post official release and 3 years post early access still seeing bugs that were present in early access. Perhaps these things will be fixed, but not today.

Yep…all 16,938 of us at peak in the last 30 days. For a game that sold almost half a million copies within 28 days of early access and was over a million copies after official release, I myself don’t see that as encouraging.

I’m one of them. Since early access, the game never ran as well as it did for me after the mounts update. The latest patch botched something…it runs like crap now. Hopefully they’ll straighten it out soon, but I’m not holding my breath.

I was thinking that very same thing when I read the patch notes. A lot of issues solved that I’ve never seen. A friend I play CE with said the same thing.

I’m not entirely sure they can. I don’t know much about game development, but I’m pretty sure this game was built on an engine that can’t handle it.

It was either the patch or the hotfix following the mounts update that knocked me out. The game has been running like crap for me since and I haven’t been able to play…it was running very well after the mounts update.


is funcom really interested in solving these serious problems?

I invite you to review the latest TestLive patch threads to see the work that’s been done on behalf of undermeshing, and mesh improvement.

This is very difficult to quantify, both the levels and the extent of work required to stop people from ACTIVELY FINDING WAYS to exploit the game’s vulnerabilities. We’ve been given an enormous asset in an incredibly flexible building environment, and because of abusive players, this environment is in need of some spackle.

Right now, while I’m on medical break, all my carefully-gathered goodies are being offline raided from my possession on a PvP server I’ve enjoyed for 7 months. I have feedback from another player that the people who stole from me while I was offline are hiding my goods under the mesh. It’s there in black and white, from their personal Discord. My one hope is that my individual sacrifice is what exposes their undermesh location, and we can finally put this particular one to rest.

Do you see? It takes a community, and a lot of individual commitment to fix problems that aren’t of the developers’ making. These are issues with any game, that take time, effort and patience.


Name one

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great bigdave