Funcom to exile

It’s been a while since the last (destructive) patch. I have been logging in to conan for days and then logged out a moment later due to the game’s unplayability. I do not remember from the exit of the game to this part of having found myself in the situation of necessarily having to close the application. what I say, how long are we going to be forced to play like this? Conan is a good game but frankly I see poor results from the resolutive point of view of the situation. I expected at least that the problems that arose after the last update would be filled, that little to allow us to make a decent game but it did not happen. I find myself having to laze on the base waiting for the game to somehow become fluid again. it almost seems that they sent us into exile. do we have good hopes for it or have we come to an end?

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he thinks that after the patch I am constantly kicked out of the session despite having a good connection. it’s a problem in pvp. basically we have to hope that everything goes well during the games

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