I thought I could decide when to play Conan Exiles

But no. The server decides when I can play. Right now we are not allowed to play.

Perhaps tomorrow. I hope.

Currently, a lot of servers are having stability issues. Ranging from the usual lag, lag spikes, sudden high ping, repeated server disconnects and worst of all flat out server shutdown for hours, days and even _weeks._ People jump ship from official server to another and get gutted by the same issues even there.

I really love this game, so do my friends and we tough out a lot of in game issues including exploits, because we can fight it back/work it around somehow.

But server related issues? How will we tough that out? Can we expect stability anytime soon? Will we be able to play?

This is not a hate on funcom thread, funcom has done many redeeming things in the past, such as the testlive stress test recently and lots of hotfixes that fix gamebreaking issues but evenly so they have “re-implemented” year old bugs that still are here somehow. Will this ever end so we can at least play the game somehow, somewhat? It is unplayable right now. Downright literally, unplayable.

Thank you for the read.


9 days left until the crew of Funcom return from vacation.

They will fix these issues.

As for the meantime? Maintain your bases, and play something else, such as multiplayer mode coming out for No Man’s sky on the 24th.

or the excellent Empyrion: Galactic Survival, where you can build a mobile base in form of a starship that can take you to various planets.

Or if no other game seems to even come close to Conan Exiles, you can always play Single Player.

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Or try a private server…


Our server left gportal and went with GTXGaming. It’s a night and day difference (60 tickrate!). Our server goes down once a day for a restart but its only offline 3 or 4 minutes. If you wanna part time in our server while you wait for your server to work again you are welcome to. Be warned, you may not return to the old one! Direct connect: (Bria Origins) pc, pve-c, 3xp, 2x harvest.

That is what everyone is doing. The risk for Funcom is that a lot of people could not come back.

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probably to long there may not be anyone left that care’s

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Honestly, I’m having a lot of fun hosting my own dedicated server to mess around with after most of my friends stopped playing.

You can set up port forwarding on your router and have your friends connect to your server and modify the server settings to fit your needs/wants instead of the generic 1x everything. Whoever has the best computer/internet speed should probably host it, and it’s a decent starting step to see if you would want to rent a server through a service provider instead down the line.

Right now i’m mostly just building and using the admin panel to see how tall of a structure I can build with fence foundations.

Here’s the guide I used to set the server up locally:

This guide is for a different game but some of the instructions are useful to make the management easier:

Private server is a no go for me. Mostly. I have played a lot on private servers.

Mostly because, the best PvP private servers have such high gathering rates that losing items or even gaining items does not feel like a gain or loss at all since it is so easy to obtain. The items value drop a lot, when I get T3 materials and high end weapons on an official server I go “ooh nice”, on these private servers I stash them in cupboards like new players stash stone swords. Then there are admins that don’t like to see their friends getting raided and unfair things happen.

The best private servers for me that provides all the fun I want also wipes their servers often, which is understandable however then the “build a nice base” aspect goes, which does not let me enjoy that part of the game.

So official servers is the best shot players like me got, and I rather play on officials.

Waiting for august is the best thing to do for now.

I feel you.

IMO July has always been a damn terrible month for the game industry in general. No good releases, and slowest patch rate outside of Blizzard. Only Indie devs flourish during the summer (Project Zomboid, Empyrion, Astroneer etc)

I think it’s a good idea for Funcom devs to be sent into vacation forecefully cuz god knows they need it, but in the fickle climate of the gaming industry, AND the fact that Conan Exiles doesn’t lend itself well to “taking a break, then come back to it later” makes Funcom not being able to compete with other titles, regardless of how good their product will be.

Funcom exports international products, and rides on the cutting edge of competition. When a country mandates this sort of company into vacation, even without a shift crew, for not 2 weeks… but a whole month; this is deadly.

Norway means well, but social state and global competition has never mixed.

It’s why China is handing Europe’s ■■■ back to us economically, but on the flip side, our lands are green and sustainable. Our hearts are in the right places.

So let’s be a little bit more patient with Funcom. It is after all… a European game company. To me, that’s worth a July to sacrifice. I know it sounds ridiculously idealistic but, jeese. It’s all Europeans can show for, in the face of “no-lifer” countries. Our social values.

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And another server shut down, just in the middle of a raid taking out vaults, something that requires time, resources and a lot of people to take out down efficiently.


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