I love Conan Exiles, I really do

but there are somethings like this one, that literally breaks the game for the inhabitants of the server :frowning:

Some guys of my clan took more than 1h to get in, as you can see in this other pic, I waited 34 min at the loading screen before I could log in. (name is Aranha)

I already asked a couple times (along with others) for FC to check this server with G-Portal to solve the long loading and death screens, even sent a private message in wich Tascha replied saying that she was going to do it, but it seems server #1999 will be forever ignored and damned.

I will still play the game for some time, most likely alone on that server because clan mates will leave soon aswell like everyone else that plays for some days and realise how frustrating is to log in the server or die and wait long minutes to come back,.

No, I won’t start over in another stable server because I already did that (to 1999 that was fine in the first week before having this annoying issue) when the first one I tried, started with that issue back in the launch week (#1996 that today is working fine lol), I won’t grind all again as I don’t play several hours a day, if Funcom do a miracle and fix the game in an incredible polish level and add enough content/features to keep the interest, I can see my self playing after new year, otherwise, I guess I’ll move to something that does not stress me, games are meant to relax and have fun, I have a lot of fun in Conan Exiles, but the stress level are too high, and thats not good for health.

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