High access times to the database (conan exiles infinite loading screen), general lags - PETITION

I think this issue is the most severe problem with the game at the moment. (the internet is full of complains about this) Its on all servers (private, official) and on all platforms (Xbox PC and Playstation). Because of this we are forced to restart our private server high frequently (with annoying rollbacks) and we already got a relevant loss of players.
Please dont wait any longer to solve this issue. There is an urgent need for action.


I agree! Players complain about this.
Its gonna be gamebreaking for many players. kind of.


well it is still the same Funcom from the look of it as I do remember from age of Conan .Bugs ,crashes,hotfixes ,hot fixes and more hotfixes and hotfixes of the hotfixes.Tough still played the bloody game .Such a shame this much potential and beauty is not handled properly .


You’re correct @TwoJay. On my official we had two major server-wide lag spells afternoon/last night. One was serious, and appeared earlier in the day than any day prior.


I’ve had 20+ players on my private server, and not had any of these issues. Could this be more to do with the rented host servers, under spec or over used?


I am the host of the server on which bijay is admin.

And yes, it´s not only annoying, its a problem which brings a huge amount of need for maintenance.
Each time, we have to restart the server, when the infinite loading screen problem occur and each time we get a rollback of 20-30 minutes.

The strange thing that it is the same with the last game backups.

Beside many other bugs, this is the strangest and most serious.
Playersr stopping to play your game.

Funcom you should act now, you have to solve this issue.

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1301 infinite login

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#1302 server infinite loading screen

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#1300 is down for me and for my friend.

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I could host 5 server instances with my server, according to the highest requirements, its a windows server 2016, hosted by a well known hoster in germany… so I think not that its a problem with specs and hosters. Official servers have the same problem…

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The first week we didnt had this issue, now its gettin more frequent, since the last patch. There are so many other servers having this problem. You are in luck @PitMonk. But I am sure this is a very severe problem which will get more relevant on every server.

yep, it´s the lull before the storm

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#1302 server infinite loading screen too

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#1304 checking in. Same infinite loading screen.

It seems, from the people here, that the common denominator is the #13xx-servers?
Essentially, PvE-C in EU?

The only few times I have seen this loading screen for a very long time, it was when I had a bed too close to another object, the server couldn’t spawn me. Another player removed the obstruction and I could log in.

This also happens whilst ingame if you die whilst your bed is obstructed. While I was out, another player had placed a chest next to my bed, once he removed it again, I spawned as expected. Make sure your beds and mats are not too close to anything, tree’s, wall’s, NPC’s etc, pretty much anything.

Could this be your problem at times?

I dont think so, but I cant guarantee - there are about 30 Players on the server. We have to discuss that. Nevertheless also the problem you are describing shouldnt be one.

Any comment by Funcom on current situation?

It would be great if we will be informed about current situation. I just don’t want to play on another server cuz I spent so much time here.

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We are constantly working on improving the stability of the servers. At this time, servers #1300-1304 are all online and have a decent amount of players on them. That being said, your issues of being unable to load into them have all been reported to the devs. They are currently being investigated further to see if there are any underlining issues. Thank you all for the reports and please keep a lookout for more info.

#1310 server still cant login. Infinite loading screen.

#1214 same ■■■■