Infinite Loading Screen PvE-C #3514 Broken / Not Working / Down

Game mode: [Online | PvE-C Server #3514 & #3515 + More]
Problem: [Infinite Loading Screen / Registering my Character as In-Game When It’s Not / Dying of thirst, Losing all of my valuable stuff, Waking up in the Desert]
Region: [North America]

I’m able to log into my server (3514) once a day, if I log out— forget about ever coming back online until the server resets. It just shows the loading screen, forever and ever, while my character is probably standing up and dying of thirst with all my Godbreaker armor on. So I log back in to find myself in the desert in the morning! Super fun experience.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in once
  2. Log out
  3. Try to log back in and stare at the loading screen forever
  4. Wake up in the morning after server reset and find all of your gear, loot, and valuables rotted on your corpse because the devs don’t have the time to address an issue that’s been plaguing the game since 2018.

I have (and my clan) and I’m sure everyone else, has reported using the official reporting tool, and this is obviously a known issue because it’s one of the four radio buttons you can select as an issue for reporting a server. My question is, how many more days is this going to be a problem?

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Hello @Zcross, thank you for your report, we’ll be sure to reach out to G-Portal to determine if there are any issues on the server’s end.

Could you further specify during which hours you’ve been experiencing the connectivity issues?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide any sort of ETA regarding this situation.

It’s completely sporadic. I cannot answer that question. Also probably irrelevant.

Here’s what G-Portal has to say about that! What a bunch of ■■■■■■■■. Can you explain to me why you have this thread pinned to the front of the website?

Opening a ticket with G-Portal, doesn’t seem to resolve a thing. Out server is still broken, going on over a week now.

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I actually went ahead and took the initiative to reach out to other players on the server, when I’m successfully logged in. And every single one of them has mentioned that they have reported this issue. So … not just a one-off, I’m just the person getting on the forum talking about it. Where are all of those official server-bug reports going when I submit them? Into your spam folder? I think I’ve probably filed 17 of them myself using the official reporting tool URL.


Did anything changed after all your effort? I am having the same issue on my server, also trying to reach funcom and report the issue, but with no answer…

Link to my post:


Yep. Im in PVEC N American (3828) server and have been dealing with this for a couple weeks now, load bar fills and doesnt let you in until the next day before PVP time.

Ive sent messages to community managers who just brush me off to make a Zendesk tix and when i make them, hear nothing back…

Just about everyone bringing this up is on a Conflict server. If this is some shady tactic by Funcom to try and push ppl off of Conflict to eventually remove the server type, i think ill finally be done… GPortal denying responsibility furthers my suspicion… Love the game, really hope its not the case.

To answer your question about when this happens, for me, its during PVP time


Hi folks. I want to chime in as someone that has abandoned official servers for this reason. I’ve seen posts about this issue for 3514, 3515, and several others for more than a year now.
Listening to the lead programmer speak during the most recent livestream I think this issue is being resolved (hopefully) after the 2,3 patch hits consoles. One of the main reasons consoles have been behind is because they’ve been reoptimizing the game for consoles. Conquest servers are very popular and apparently when we log in our client side is having to handle massive amounts of data, Including the data of every character that has ever been on the server regardless of if they are logged in or haven’t been logged in for a year. They used the example of a large server having a massive 22gigs worth of RAM required by the client at start up. The consoles average somewhere between 5-6 gigs of RAM.
Stick it out till after 2.3 and see if it changes things. I really hope it does and you can continue with your journey. :grin:


Im also in this server(3828) and i too am having this issue along with everyone else i’ve talked to in the server… its frustrating not being able to log in a server you’ve devoted so much time to.


I think if they reset the servers twice a day it would help out tremendously.