PVE-C Official Server #3515 Infinite Loading screen for 14 days today (#3515 PLEASE TURN OFF DECAY TIMERS)

  • Game mode (Official)
  • Game type (PvE-C)
  • Try to log in / get stuck on infinite loading screen
  • Official Server (#3515)
  • Hardware (PS5) game installed to system
  • Connection (Wired)
  • how to reproduce the issue: try to login to server / get stuck on loading screen /
    force game closed OR press arrow down causing the game to crash.
    NOTE: you are actually in game but cannot access it / therefore you can starve while trying to load losing all gear you are wearing

We Still can’t log into PVE-C Official Server 3515.

for 13 days now…Early Morning, Noon and Night I have been trying.

and In 1 more day…It will all decay!.. and we will lose literally everything

If I could have transferred to another server… I would have by now…
Because server 3515 is unplayable,
but for now we are stuck here dealing with this.

I would love to enjoy the new update that I haven’t been able to checkout.

i send a report to zendesk and it is marked as “solved” almost immediately after i am sent a canned response by email saying they received my report.

this is certainly not solved at all…

I want to be able to log in to reset the timer before we lose everything we have ever done and obtained!


Please, Turn off the decays timers to save everyone’s work in PVE-C 3515 or PVE-C servers altogether…Until this is resolved… Please!!!

IF it was my doing by neglecting to log in, id get it…but
…I am about to lose all our work (Build/thralls/high end gear) due to no fault of my own

please help out … this has happened before but i never expected it to last this long.
13 days is a bit much and im guessing the decay time is set at 2 weeks…
that’s tomorrow

Cat-O-Tonic / Wishbringers
PVE-C Official Server #3515

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Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the game? If you are on PS4 you are probably screwed. My PS5 is taking 4X longer than it did before the update. If you had a large base you a probably getting lagged out. My PS5 never crashed before the update, but now it crashes atleast 5x a day.

Zendesk has closed multiple tickets of mine without explanation and are useless. I know the feeling.

Hi, :wave:
Yes, i did Uninstall and Reinstall on Ps5 To the system storage a few times,
and im on a wired connection
and my base isn’t large…but alot of work…usually have to wait for all to Rez for a few minutes, then its all good (when i can log in :smirk:)
I feel your pain

feels dismissive to file a report with Zendesk so i came here for Help!

I played on 3515 years ago. And then I took a hiatus and came back to the server. It has had infinite loading screens on and off for months. I ended up transferring to PVE. The servers run much better. I tried multiple pve-c servers and they are all broken. Sorry this happened :frowning: I was able to get the server to load usually in the morning. Usually with those infinite loading screens, it registers you in the game so if you are at your base, it hopefully reset your decay timer.

:wave: Hi Peachyylion, I wanted so bad to transfer out of this server And take the most important things with us when I realized what a big problem it was.
but Unfortunately server transfers had already been shut off :person_facepalming:t2:

This has been ongoing issue and I used to be able to login as long as it was early morning like you said. And don’t dare log out unless you’re done playing for the day, cause you wouldn’t get back in.

But not this time… I’ve tried early morning, afternoon, evening.
Lately I’ve been literally trying all the throughout the day cuz I’ve been getting increasingly concerned, but still nothing.

if you look at all the American Exile pve-c servers, All of them say over 1500 days,
Exept for server 3515 it only say 447 days. (that’s got to be a clue funcom!)

and i can log into all of them exept for 3515>>which is the only one we have everything in.

You are right ,it does register you as in game,
Although im not sure whether or not you have to visually REZ everything for the timer to reset.
I hope not!

Thanks for trying to help Peachyylion :hugs: And I’m glad you got out when you did :wink:
I wish I had :smirk:

Funcom! there is just one PVE-C American server that is a problem at the moment (3515)
It has a lower amount of days on the server list than the others… Is that a clue to what the problem might be?

Please help so I can log in today and save everything …I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I just know that this is the 14th day I haven’t been able to get in so today’s is the day I need to.


Server Siptah 8121 has the exact same issue… i have been told to take a video of the loading screen!?! Don’t even know how to do that, and not fully understanding the point… it goes to the opening loading p[art then stops and blue error screens after about half a minute… exactly like it did before a couple of years ago on exiles

:wave:t2: Hi,
I feel your pain :heart_hands:

I don’t see the point of sending a video of a loading screen either, when they know exactly what The loading screen looks like…And you could tell them the error number that you see ,lol idk Their reasoning

but the way you take a video is to press the little media button that is on Top Left of your PlayStation controller.
on my ps5 i can choose to take a very short clip.
I don’t remember what it’s like on ps4 but pressing a button will guide you through it :slight_smile:
I’m assuming your on ps4 or ps5 :wink:

Then you can upload it to the PlayStation app and accesses from there.

Maybe you can also use your cell phone to take very short clip of what you’re seeing.

im still trying to login to save our stuff , still cannot :triumph:

I can understand them being busy trying to fix all the bugs in the new update… But to ignore the issues of their player base like this is sooooo not cool.

I mean two weeks, really!!

I’m not losing everything due to my own fault.

The least they could do is turn off decay like they’ve done in the past to help out… Right

This only used to happen in the afternoon from 6:00-6:30. I sent report to zendesk and nothing. Now the server is completely unplayable 24/7.

Exactly! then it started to happen more often, until early morning was the only time you could get in, but if you logged out…forget getting in again… this is so not cool

you can get into 3827, 3828, 3829 and even 3514

this is the only one that is an issue.

have you noticed that in the server list / PVE-C America / Exiled land
3515 shows 447 days
all the other servers show over 1500 days?

wonder if that has anything to do with it…and cant they or Gportal fix it

Excuse me, I use Google translate. If I can understand this also happens in xbox series s, sporadically when starting the game it gets stuck on the home screen where conan and the woman appear, I usually solve it this way, I leave and try several times, usually between 3 or 4 attempts I manage to get to the menu, it is also the case when starting the server, it keeps loading infinitely I come back and do the same but this time it is resolved in an attempt

I had already published this photo previously but funcom does not deign to respond, this is the image of infinite load on the server

Hi, :wave:t2:
i can start Conan and get into the menu and then the server list no problem…and i can get into all servers listed… except for this one (3515)
and 3515 is where i have everything.

but i do what you do, i try , i wait, i try, all day long, but still no change
there was a time that eventually it did work like that…but not this time, at least in this server :pensive:

thank you for trying to help :hugs:
i appreciate it

how long had it been since you were able to log in?

if you don’t close the game it keeps loading infinitely, but that rarely happens, I close it and open the game and solve the problem

I hope your problem is resolved in the best way I know what it is to lose everything

~~ Thank You ~~ i hope so too, but it seems unlikely

yes, i do close the game, i wish it worked but its not, and yes losing that much progress sucks…
i cant believe they don’t seem to care at all.

never thought 2 weeks would pass this way, and im sure im not alone in 3515 getting pissed off.
i dont think im going to start over from scratch.

ive just been proven that, when theres an issue …

cant trust funcom or gportal to look after their player base.


I believe server is going disk full due to log partition or tmp full, server restarts, clear the temps, the game works people start playing the log or tmp will growing, and past some hours, disk full again, and anyone cant join till next restart. We are with the same problem in pc official 1977.

Funcom should review their updates better before launching on console. I like this season but the update came loaded with errors

but I don’t know if you logged in after the announcement

sadly the above is probably waayy too late for our 8121 server… we’d just bought 4 dlcs too, what a waste of money and time