Pve-C 3829 official server BUG

My husband and I have been playing for around 6 months maybe we have invested a lot of time and even convinced friends to buy the game well starting a week ago we can’t log in after 5 pm and if we get blue screened or frozen we can’t log back in until the next day and sometimes not even then. I really like this game but not being able to log in is getting to be nonsense honestly can someone help me? What do I do? edit by Melcom please help!

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This is problem has been ongoing on all PVE-C exile land servers for ages, but there should finally be a fix at the update 2.6, so fingers crossed.

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Welcome to the forum. Like @Immortalowl stated they are aware of this problem and it should hopefully be fixed with the next game update. Unfortunately there is no ETA on the update yet.

You can check my topic where we receive information here:

Also you can read about the next update here:

Hope that helps!