Testlive Update 2.6 - Discussion Megathread

Please use this thread to discuss Update 2.6 on Testlive.


Will the Hunger Blades be given the two axe moveset? I haven’t had a chance to test it in a bit, but last time I did they still used dagger moveset

Lights spawned from drinking lotus potions do no longer appear on maps other than the Exiled Lands

Are these lights somehow tightened to Exiled Lands lore or what? i always wondered what this means.

Would someone running TL please check to see if Boss Loot Chests (skeleton key, recently fixed) still show the weapon preview while looking at the chest?

This is music to my ears!

Currently downloading updates (on the old machine) - should be able to get on within the hour - I’ll make a point to look at a few.

Edit: Yeah, no, not gonna be on within the hour. That’s a 111GB update - might take a little longer… Guess I won’t be testing much till tomorrow, sorry. I’ll keep a note to check it in case someone else hasn’t already done so by then.


Hopefully missing spawns at camps and for pets reappear.

So still no fix for the Orb of Nergal…

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Thanks for fixing the yellow lotus potion bug.

There is still a problem with servers transfers, the lost of all obelisks after a transfer.

If you can see this, thanks.

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Go easy on them Scott, it was a good pun.


I feel that this needs to be expanded upon. What about other means of learning Feats, such as statues and insignias found in Vaults, will they no longer disappear too? Also, does this mean that the Potion of Natural Learning and the Admin Panel also no longer delete Feats when we respec with them too, or is the fix limited to Yellow Lotus Potion? Thanks.

Wonderful change. Thankyou for that often requested one folks. :+1:

Just another piece of feedback/request. Can we please revert the change whereby taking damage cancels our Aloe Potion heals?


There are a lot of great fixes here. But picking up buildings pieces is a dream come true! On console the building can be a bit… troublesome? And of course we can’t fix it with mods.

I’m going to pick up so much stuff just because I can


Orb of Nergal can’t be used with game control. So I have to use a mouse. This is same bug is a issue with console players. But Consoles don’t have mouse. I test this bug on my laptop on testlive 2.6.

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We can hook one up to the Xbox at least and keyboard but for those that don’t have any :mouse2: are out of luck but some traps 🪤 should fix the mouse problem :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Bleh. 2.6 looks like it’s going to be rough on the modders with all the under the hood changes.

Uh, how so? Its quite the opposite as several requested changes for the kit (by the mod author community) are being introduced for 2.6…


Just had a check of several legendary chests (Exiled Lands, singleplayer, testlive) - preview of chest contents is still showing when you look at it (but I was no longer able to loot is without actually spending a key).
Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like someone to take a look at :slight_smile:


a lot of time I ask about this, Is it possible to add a trading platform to the game where you can sell your unnecessary things

The light show the way to a key item to remove the bracelet.