:news: Testlive Update 3.0.1 - Discussion Megathread

Greetings, Exiles!

Update 3.0.1 is now up for public testing. You may view the patch notes here:

Testlive Update 3.0.1 (2022.08.25) Patch Notes

Please use this thread to discuss the changes amongst yourselves and/or leave your feedback here! Thanks all! :slight_smile:


i checked this mine is now showing a master armor repair insteaid of a ledgendary

Heads up, 18GB patch, make sure you work the download into your flow.

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Will you guys be able to fix the greater hyena pen bug before launch? The skins that are coming out with the BP will need that working properly for players to find the skins useful in game.


Any word yet on whether the loss of aiming reticule spread being reduced with skill investment was an intentional choice or accidental?

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Kudos, you all have been busy.

Love the fixes! Any further elaboration on the “small balancing chages”?


Just question - when will devkit gets updated to 3.0? i heard like month before release of 3.0 or so… :D?

hmm, can not find any fixes regarding the balance changes for the new armor tho…

Dev Kit is scheduled to be updated today

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I am going to be annoyingly optimistic and take the deletion of posts concerning the Bazaar prices leaked images as a sign of it being a mistake and not a true reflection of the actual prices…

On a different note, I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!!!
All the new things and to be honest, I am actually greatly looking forward to the battle pass. (There, I said it! XD )

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One day, someone will find it. It’s out there, somewhere

Will logon first thing after work and check this out. I guess my son was right about the multiple recipes at the Thaum Bench lol.

Some large trees in crownhain still disappear when someone build on them. They do have invisible collision tho…

Sacrificial stones are not locked on pve.

i went to check asap the new armor, the abyssal and it seems like now it gives you around 40 % of corruption.

i am honestly glad of this, now this makes this armor the best for pve, but for pvp? not as broken.
i still think that it is extremely cheap at the very least it should be able to be looted from the enemy.

there is nothing like getting the kit of the defeated enemy.


Abyssal mount can now be controlled similar like following thralls. With move, return, stop, attack (it doesnt attack) and the duplicated “mount option” which you removed was its inventory access with a wrong icon only, so the option to open its inventory is gone now.

The OG Menu Theme Song is back! :crossed_swords:

That gets me so pumped!!


Has that been tested and confirmed to not be working on Testlive? I know its not in the notes, but its a big patch, there are things undoubtabley going to be missing from the patch notes (not intentionally).

Dev kit was supposed to be out today but it got delayed to Friday. I can confirm if its been fixed or not for sure once I get the updated Devkit in my hands.


Hold sh11111t really?!? That makes me so happy