Testlive Update 2.5 - Discussion thread

Please use this thread to discuss and share feedback about Update 2.5 on Testlive.

  • Revamped visual quality scalability settings for PC and added new Cinematic graphical setting.

Does that mean tgat you added new type of AA (txaa). And x16 af and other fixes? If yes, its great! For now patch 2.5 is best patch in CE history

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  • Added new setting to display the health value of thralls and other NPC on their health bars.
  • Added a new gameplay setting to hide buff banners on the HUD.
  • Added a new gameplay setting to scale the size of buff banners on the HUD.


I can’t thank you enough! But I am greedy and want even more! While you are working in this area, specifically, could you add a scale feature for the Hot Bars as well as the overlay when you mouse over something? When I mouse over something the text/black square is excessive and unnecessary in size. If I could have an option to scale it down via slider, or even just select a more minimalist option I would love it!

You are on the right path here! Thanks! Big thanks! Give some candy to the devs that worked on this!

Also, the small animal pen is great! I hated seeing cartoonishly huge towers filled with animal farm pens. I avoided placing one for months because it’s huge scale ruined the layout of my base. I can happily fit a small animal pen into a corner somewhere. Good stuff!

Candy for the small animal pen devs too! STAT!


Cinematic mode will be fantastic.

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As usual, reading patch notes allways enriches my day. "Are you still reading? " If the persons writing these are vaccinated, give em a hug, they earned it.


small animal pen?

See ya next year.


lol dial-up speeds

Hi guys ans gals, are you thinking about any anti-griefers mechanics? I was happy after June 17th that our official server was working fine and 3 days later I had my base surrounded by trolls that had already been banned and came back for revenge. They spammed blocks around my base and also an entire square of the map (already reported, but 50% success). I’m asking about it just to have some hope. I loved this game, I’ve been playing since January 18th.

They added a small animal pen to test live. It’s about the size of the stable and functions by allowing a single animal instead of 5 like the full sized pen. This is great for small bases.



I’m getting this error everytime I try to start a singleplayer game. The crash occurs only while in loading screen.

Made a bug report here:

Wow there is a whole lot of goodness in this Update! Love the idea of the smaller animal Pens, the Punching Daggers and a bunch of other things. :smiling_imp: :metal: I have a whole heap of praise for you guys, a couple of suggestions, then a couple of relatively minor gripes. Although way more praise than anything else.

Excellent! Placing that big 5 slot Pen was often tricky. Thankyou all so much for this one.

Personally I was always neutral on this one; if we have it great, if we dont no big deal. But it was highly requested to thankyou for hearing the community.

Im happy to go with the flow on this one. And I certainly feel that the Greataxes needed it, as I dont know anyone who actually used to use them, despite them being such a cool weapon. Kudos on adding in the Punching Daggers too! Yes! May I may suggest a few similar or different versions for this moveset too? Please add these two iconic sets from the film.

You all even balanced the Warhammers, Pikes and Greatswords UPWARDS :arrow_double_up: too!

Question/Suggestion: as we have now reworked and rebalanced most weapons in the game, I would also like to ask if we can now work on the wayward son too. Could you all consider reworking and subsequently reimplementing CROSSBOWS back into the game? And if not, then could you please just add the current op original versions back into the Admin Panel for Private Servers and Singleplayers?


I dont know how you all are still managing to scrape out new savings after all of this time, but good job!

Very interesting. Could yourselves or someone else spoil who or what it is for me?


Great work again, thanks folks. Those Goblins wont know what hit them soon, no more hiding now.

Oh thankyou all very much. More convenient and more realistic in the one great package.

Glad to see that the Sandstorm got some love. Great work.

Question: Which item do we use to remove them bleed debuff now? If there is not one then I suggest a new potion:
*Clotting/Coagulating Agent.

While I applaud this addition, I would like to address Crom’s absence from this addition. As I previously discussed in a seperate Offerings Thread, which resonated well with most other members, here is a key point which I made:

“Why must the followers of a savage barbarian god pledge allegiance to another god just to be able to destroy the artifacts of a rival god…!?”

Question: could you please give Crom loyalists a means to destroy these items too? Even if it is as simple as the ability to put them through the Dismantling Bench.

#IncludeCromtoo :mountain_snow: :metal:

Oh please dont go ahead with this. Not all people who build along the banks of the River biome are new players. Seasoned veterans build here to. Honestly, the game is not that hard, even for newcomers, and Puges in this area are VERY weak, such as Imps and Hyenas, which serve as good training Purges for more difficult areas. The odds of the Puge selecting a low level player are low in multiplayer, and we are usually well levelled before we even get the first one. Furthermore, we already have the means to prevent the Purge from evwn transpiring. Moreover, when newer players do actually get human Purges here it is actually a good opportunity for them to get unique T4 craftsmen and follower Thralls early on. PLEEEEEAAASE dont go ahead with this change; the negatives far outweigh the positives.


Seems like the campaign blacksmith bench got it’s model swapped for the garrison one, however - the garrison one remains what it was.

Now if only we could have a rebalance of warpaints. I would be as content as a rat in a cheese factory.


Also great for new character to tame a first croco or hyena. Was still a thing most of us asked for, and used mods instead. It’s a great add.


Report them again for a longer or perma ban.

  • Humanoid NPCs (including thralls) will now gain temporary immunity to weapon hit stagger effects after being affected by them for an extended period of time.

Will this apply to us too? Being locked up to staggering effects is pretty annoying for anything over 30 seconds… then for it to repeat again. Crowd control without magic seems weird.

Ok, quick note regarding the Stygian invader heavy armor set - it does seem to be somwhat…“broken”.

Crafted at “epic” level, with a shieldwright - it ended up producing only 679,2 armor value.
As an example, any of the “regular” medium DLC armors, when crafted with this type of crafter, ends up having ~525 armor value - or 650 with the bulk plates. Heavy ones, right after pickup from the bench, will be around 1k armor value (1050, if memory serves me well).
Additionaly, it gives only 10 points to strenght, giving it the same value (attribute wise) as any of the other “regular/DLC-epic level armors”.

Is the Stygian Invader recipe locked to Isle of Siptah? As in, I must visit that camp, or can I admin in the pattern on the Exiled Lands because it’s a scroll recipe? Just want to save on field trips from EL to IoS with single player character copy to lessen the risk of her breaking.

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