Testlive Update 2.5 (24.06.2021) - The QoL and Bugfixing update!

Currently Known Issues

  • Lens flare and bloom are blown out while using high quality graphical levels.



  • Blocked the ability to toggle between first and third person camera perspectives while attacking.


  • New weapon recipes added:
    • Steel Short Sword available at level 31
    • Hardened Steel Short Sword available at level 55
    • Steel Great Axe available at level 32
    • Hardened Steel Great Axe available at level 56
  • Added new weapon archetype: Dual Axes! Havok and Malice and Whirlwind blades are now labelled as dual axes.
  • Idle thralls and NPCs will now also show sheathed weapons.


  • Ingredients should now properly indicate whether or not you have the resources to craft enough of that ingredient to make at least one of the main recipes, even if you cannot actually craft any of that main recipe because you are lacking other ingredients.
  • Fixed an issue where crafting food would produce Putrid Meat. #chefkiss


  • Archers should no longer walk backwards ignoring terrain features, as there can only be one king of moonwalking.
  • Mounts should now have the strength of will to exit deep bodies of water. Crom be blessed.
  • Archers should now use the bow more reliably.


  • Fixed a number of issues where the purge could target objectives protected by blocking volumes.


  • Tweaked stats of Havoc and Malice and Whirlwind Blades to match their new animation set.
  • Increased reach of first light and first heavy attacks of the new 2h Axe.
  • Increased reach of the first light attack of the new Claws.
  • Increased reach of first light and first heavy attacks of the new Katana.
  • Started a retiming pass on the new Katana attacks. Currently only 1st light and 1st and 2nd heavy attacks have been adjusted. The rest are being worked on so expect some inconsistencies on the speed of the strikes along each chain.
  • Reduced the base duration of bleed effects to 8s (down from 20s). This should allow bleed effects to be shed easily in PvP while still allowing for the same damage potential in PvE as long as the effect is maintained.
  • Bleed effects applied by special weapons will no longer stack with bleed effects from combos and will no longer stack up multiple times.
  • Added bleed to dual axe sprint attack.
  • Reverted damage boost to 2h hammers introduced in the initial 2.5 release.


  • Fixed an issue in regard to recently equipped off-hand weapons and tools not appearing sheathed on the Player’s Character.
  • Fixed several issues in regard to sheathed weapons clipping through the body and generally sheathing incorrectly.
  • Radium torches are now glowing as intended.
  • Globe of Yezud spiders now have updated blood textures, fueling your nightmares with more detail and grit than ever before. You’re welcome.
  • Journey steps should now be transferred correctly when using Character Copy.
  • Fixed an issue where certain characters in names would not be transferred correctly when using Character Copy.
  • Okay, now for real: Potions now expire when placed in a pet or mount’s inventory.
  • Addressed some Grey Ones weapon models facing the wrong way.
  • FOV slider will be enabled on consoles with this release.
  • Rearranged game assets internally to address broken dependencies.
  • Existing Exceptional and Flawless items in old saves and databases will now be converted to base equivalents.
  • Fixed an issue where not all camps on Siptah triggered the “Find Civilization” journey step.
  • Fixed an issue where sheathed weapons would disappear when punching.


  • Fixed an issue with the mesh within the Den of the Wolf Brothers.


  • Character pose should now go back to normal after breaking a torch.
  • Havoc and Malice and Whirlwind Blades now use animations that are more appropriate for their dual axe visuals.
  • Added new sheathing animations for dual axes.
  • Updated movement animations for the new katana to match the idle stance better.
  • Added a new katana sprinting animation for female characters.


  • Fixed an issue where the Mods Mismatch screen would not accept inputs coming from a controller.
  • Disabled Character Copy option from the menu while under Character Creation.
  • Removed unused dye slots in the Silent Legion Medium Helmet.
  • Added new icons for dual wielding weapons.


  • VO volume during character creation is now tied to Voice volume.
  • Added new audio effects for the new weapon archetype.