Testlive Update 2.5 (24.06.2021) - The QoL and Bugfixing update!


We will update this section with any changes and fixes released during the Testlive period.

2021/07/08 2:30PM CEST

  • Removed Scythe of Thag from the list of weapons keeping the old moveset, as it will be using the new animation set for Great Axes.

2021/06/25 10:30AM CEST

  • We’ve brought back the two surviving #spellchekkers to fix a number of silly typos in the patchnotes. One of them is now missing.

  • We’ve also addressed the angry calls from the Rabbit Kingdom, and to avoid a diplomatic incident of Antiochian scale, we’ve updated their well-earned taxonomy to something past the silent-cinema era.