Unable to join any EU PVE C

Hi all

Looking for a bit of help/advice

Just started playing again (3051 EU PVE C), for the past 3 days I am unable to join any PS4 EU PVE C server, when trying to join loading screen just stays on forever.

I’ve put tickets in and just get the same automated response over and over and nothing happens

I put tickets in with Gportal, who denied there was even anything wrong and said all the tests say everything is good, even though all severs were showing zero players at the time

Is the funcom zendesk the correct support channel?

Thanks in advance for any help


It’s a known problem in pvec. You are not the only one and not the only server.

Once it was a Problem for over an year on my server. You where only able to login short time after server restart.
If you need to refresh your base then you need to login in the morning.

If you want to play and have fun now, then you need to go to another server and server mode. Pve or private pvec. Maybe they fix it soon but it also could take years again.

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Wow that sucks, I wont be starting on another server when chances are it will just happen again. If this issue was already fixed a year back surely it would be a quick fix now?

Still no word from Funcom coming up to the 4th day.

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Same on pc 1977 guys i feel your pain. Weeks with no solution

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Dammm I was just going to try out the PC servers too, is your server PVE C too? Gportal just sent me a mail saying they have sent a report to Funcom about this issue but are yet to get a reply :frowning:

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Here is some history…

Something what they have done one year ago helped for long time. The last weeks something was done too. Because the server worked for over a week normally. And also all stuff loads in in unter two minutes. That’s another problem in pvec

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yes its pc pve-c latam region, other servers in pc works well i tried various but, out of LATAM to ping is too high for me. I cant inform precisely which servers are being afcted, but all them could show this problem at some time.

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JUst popping in to say you are not alone… I was one of those exiles down for a year, past few months same with siptah and since yesterdays update exiles is also gone… I am sick of building my castles just to get removed knowing they will despawn

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I’m on the same server and experiencing the very same problem for the last week. And I thought moving from a PVP server would give me a less frustrating gaming experience… :laughing:

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Oh no, so did you ever get your base back?

Its shocking, I never thought id say this game has become worse than ARK for bugs and issues.

So that its then, everyone on these servers just has to accept there base has gone and there will be no word or help from funcom?

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still down, 7 days no response

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