Pve-c official 3522

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: US

Started a game yesterday and even purchased a dlc. Took a break and tried to sign back on and got a permanent loading screen all night. Waited for it to be fixed over night, and still cannot sign in today. As a matter of fact, I now cannot load into any servers. This is super discouraging seeing as I just purchased game content that I can’t even touch?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start game.
  2. Select play online, pve-conflict
  3. Select official server #3522
  4. Watch game not even load.

It’s been happening for a few weeks. I can log in during the day but not at night? Weird. So I’ve mostly stopped playing. Shame this game is fun but so many bugs and this server has a few JOs on it…

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Don’t know if it will help but they are sending people with connectivity issues to this address

hope it helps

Hello, I also play on 3522 this has been happening for afew weeks now. Best time to log in is in the mornings after server restart. Dont quote me on this but id say anytime before 4pm est. After that its never ending loading screen.

I just want to state how disappointed I am with the support. My goal is this reaches some type of manager or im again just wasting time on the FC boards.

I followed @Hugo’s advice and placed a well descriptive ticket in with zendesk only to get a response.

Conan Exiles Team (Funcom)
Feb 2, 2021, 11:28 EST
Greetings Exile and thank you for reporting this to us.
Can you please provide us with a video or screenshot of what you are seeing?

The problem here is support treats every ticket like we are on PC’s how am I suppose to get a video from my playstation… what in the world is a video or a screenshot going to help? My ticket states in clear English we cant get in due to a never ending loading screen why the run around with the tier 1 customer support replys? This is happening on multiple PS servers not just the one I play on and no one is addressing it.


Well at least they asnwered you :D, Im still waiting for my asnwer. Because of a problem that is been going for over an Year now and still has no fix. They provably dont even know what to say because asking me for a Screenshot wont fix it for sure.

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@Edjuh1992 read your post 3 times to make sure of what you said that is crazy sounds like all the messages are getting dropped in the same bin. As far as sending a video with Playstation I have never tried simply because it looks like you need a social media account which I don’t have or want. Funcom Forum is as close as it gets.

Please let me know what happens even if you need to direct message Thanks.

Playstation once in awhile when it crashes will give me the “would you like to report this error with video”. I will do that but I been doing this for years and I dont think any thing ever happens with them reports.

I tell you what… If my bases decay because I cant get into the server im just gonna uninstall and go back to playing FFxiv full time. It was semi fun while it lasted. But no sense in getting worked up over this game any more when its clear the people that run it dont care.

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Thank you for the info. Hopefully things get fixed and you come back to the game. I have dabbled in a couple other games but not seriously. Have some good people on my server and will stick with them. Good luck with your endeavors.

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