Official servers connectivity issues - Feedback thread

Hey everybody,

Due to the high amount of threads and feedback received daily about connection problems when accessing official servers, we’re opening this thread to focus all input and information in here.

Before proceeding to inform about connection issues with your official server of choice, please read this:

G-Portal is our server hosting partner and they’re the ones handling server maintenance and restarts. To inform about an official server downtime, you can get in contact with them using the following methods:

  • Through the in-game server report tool (in the server browser)
  • Accessing the Server Report Tool directly via your internet browser
  • Contacting G-Portal through their usual communication channels

If after following those steps you’re still experiencing issues accessing your official server, please let us know below. We’re going to proceed to merge into this thread reports regarding this issue.

PLEASE NOTE: Issues with privately owned servers should be directly addressed by the admins of those servers via G-Portal’s customer support.

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Game mode: [Enter game mode here: (Online official]
Type of issue: [Enter one of the following: Bug]
Server type: [Enter one of the following: PvE-Conflict]
Region: [America]

PS4 PVEC SERVER 3828 Is not letting you past the loading screen when selecting server. The bar fills but does not start server. I feel the problem is a clan who has land claim spammed the entire map. They need to go or be forced to take down their “roads” that connect ALL of their many bases placed everywhere on the map. They have lagged the server for too long.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Select server 3828 PVE-C
  2. Wait for load screen to finish and let you in.
  3. Wait some more.
  4. Message “land spam” clan (Masons of Crom) that this is their fault and you told them this would happen. But they refused to listen.

Ive been trying to log into this server too for the past couple hours and i cant. Same things happening to me where i get stuck at the damn loading screen the bar loads all the way and then it just stays there nothing happens and never logs me in. Ive tried like 25 times its so lame

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Yeah this server has unfortunately become quite toxic. This clan has “roads” stretching to every main part of the map. Even having some entrances to boss fights or just landmarks blocked off. It’s a pretty nice and normal server overall except for them. I really hope something is done about them. Itd be unfortunate to have to join a new server and start all over just cause one clan wants to be toxic and grief a server.


Okay let’s break down everything wrong with all of that. First off… the road building wouldn’t be causing our issue. Period… you’re describing a render/lag problem that can’t even start if you can’t get into the darn server. Secondly… most of the roads y’all wanna complain about for whatever insane reason. Are built by like three different clans already. I.e. masons of crom in the desert and house of iron in the jungle. AND LASTLY. Those toxic people y’all are talking about blocking dungeons and bosses off and stuff, aren’t the same clans that made the roads. Understandable error seeing as how ownership only just got fixed and started showing again. But don’t go getting a whole community hyped up against the clans trying to help you noobs and maybe do some research into what the definition of toxic actually is. Maybe head over to league of legends I’m sure they’ll teach you good and proper.

Cheers mate

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I played ark i know about the lag and the toxicity in my city in my city and i know that the people blocking the bosses are just trollin it would be nice tho if we had a way around that kinda stuff. The roads dont matter to me i find them useful its pretty obvious it was built by different clans im not with the guy who said it was all one clan thats to blame lol my real problem is just not being able to log into the damn server cuz for the whole day and having terrible lag because of all the new people who got the game free on ps plus or whatever im just tryin to play the game man

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Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Here]

[Free text]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Keep reporting the server via the report official button on server list as that goes directly to the server host … they get enough reports then they take action.
Putting it here means no one will see it until office hours in Norway on a weekday… so sending it directly to the server provider is likely to get it restarted sooner.

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Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [ | Bug
Region: [America/Canada]

Issue Summary:
Hello, myself and my 2 clanmates have been unable to access the server for more than 24 hours. The game does not crash, so no way to submit a report directly through the Playstation. We try to load the server (PVE Conflict 3514) and the loading bar fills but then we are stuck on the loading screen. I have tested other servers and they work fine.

Further Details:
This started April 8 at around 5:30pm AST. This is on original PS4s for all 3 of us. 2 of us were on, the lag and rendering issues started getting worse on my game, not my clan mates. My 3rd clan mate tried to join and he was the first to get stuck at the loading screen. My other clan mate then logged off and couldn’t get back on with the same issue. My game then lost connection to the server and then I had the same issue stuck at the loading screen.

My Current Efforts:
Have submitted ticket report on funcom and g-portal. G-portal said it is an official server so told me to contact Funcom. No response yet from funcom, initial ticket submitted yesterday. A second ticket was put in today. Ping is currently 99. Players have sharply decreased from always near max 38-40/40, to now 22/40. So I suspect this issue is affecting a large population of the server, but some still have access.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try logging in to server 3514 PS4 PVE Conflict
  2. May be region or device specific issue.
  3. I have heard on Reddit another user had this issue, a server reset fixed it for him. This may be a good first step
  4. Thank you for your help in advance

Hey @CowLord

Welcome to our community.
Is this issue still happening?

Hi Ignasis,

Yes this issue is still ongoing, haven’t been able to play for 3 days now. My brother and I both can’t get on currently. Just tried 10 minutes ago and got stuck with the full loading bar again. Our server only has 19/40 and every other server of the same region in PVEConflict has around max 40/40.

I’m watching the Conan movies and watching them just makes me want to play more :frowning:

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I’m having the same issue haven’t been able to play for last 3 days, just gets stuck on loading screen.


Same problem at Official Server 3052. Cant join.


Hey everybody,

Could you try if this works, just in case?
Before attempting to join a server, load into single-player first. Let the game run for one minute or so and then try to join an online servers.


Thank you for replying. Didn’t work unfortunately. Please let me know if there is anything else I can try. The server population is down to 16/40 today.

Just to clarify, as I said before other online servers work fine. For example I just tried server 3827, no issues.

I checked server 3052, Xavons server. It was an EU PVE-C server, population was 40/40, I got the usual server is full message, not the loading bar bug that I run into with server 3514. Please let me know what to try next, I am patient and ready to help solve this!

Edit: I just decided tom look at all the Offical PVE-C server populations on PS4. The only server (outside of the multiple Asia servers and one empty oceania server) that has a low population is 3514. It is 20/40 now, the next lowest is server 3828 with 33/40 (which I tried and had no issues entering). This was not the case when I was playing on the weekend, 3514 was as full as any of them. I believe there is an error specifically affecting server 3514, and possibly other servers on PVP or PVE. This is preventing some people from accessing the server.

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what server are you on? Maybe try my server 3514 and I’ll try yours.

Hey @CowLord

We can see almost full population in the server now. Is this issue still happening to you?

I still can’t play, I’m also on that same server 3514. Tried doing single-player backed out, and tried PvE C 3514.

Server is full or no connection to Ps network. This is so unfair I bought the game last year an I have been playing 3514 for long an for this crap to happen! Bad Business :frowning:

are we lvl60s locked out because all the newbs have come in? I dunno…

Also we log in, sit at loading bar when our bodies are actually in the server. When we do get into server (day later) our bodies have died while trying to log on so we lose all our stuff! not cool. :fearful:


Finally was able to get back in, my body was in the starting section with no gear or items. So had to travel really far to get to my den which is far.