Endless loading screen bug (ps5 ) server 3052 PvE Conflict

Two or three weeks ago something was done what helps for a few days.

Another thing I mentioned the last times I was online. The version/revision in the pause menu has something like backend_2 what I don’t remember earlier. I wanted to check this on other servers but forgot about this. Maybe today I will check this.
I think they trying to do something. I hope the next patch will have a solution or something else. It’s seems to me that it’s something with the server. Specially for pvec.


Main problem here: FC know that there’s an issue with server not being accessible. Peoples bases decay in the meantime because nobody from FC can be bothered to change decay time to two or three weeks temporarily ,so players will not lose their stuff.

They closed my bug report two times today i gave up. I will end up being banned on forums too.

I think something was done. On Thursday I wasn’t able to login at 2pm but on Saturday at 1pm and on Sunday at 9pm cet.
Waiting for doors was both times something around 20 minutes

Good to know man hope it not happens again is soo frustrating. Unfortunetally in 1977 pc server the problem continues, and they dont allow to report here, every time they ask to open a zendesk ticket, and i did and they close the tickets every two hours, saying its solved but nothing was done. Sad. Not a professinal conduct

Yes that is frustrating that they mark it as solved. But I don’t think that is the real state its just what they do with the tickets. Should be put on hold but then they would have millions of tickets to close if its solved.

I hope they are working on the problem and finding a solution soon.
I would like to enjoy the current chapter before it ends. Last weeks everytime I have time to play the server is not letting me in. Yesterday was a suprise that it works at 9pm

freshly after update, the servers are not running. I playing on 3054 pve-c

3052 is working after the update but I shutdown after 30min because I was still waiting for the door and chests

I’m spamming bug reports over PS5 platform… it’s not just an endless loading screen. IT CRASHES THE GAME

Tried to access 3052 10 minutes after restart infinite loading screen so logging in the morning doesnt work anymore either.

Same here. Infinite loading screen.3052 will be empty soon if everything will decay

I tried to log in to the pve-c 3054 server at 7am. Endless loading screen. No one on any server will be able to log in all day. Why @Mayra has no information from you. Do you and funcom think that problem doesn’t exist? People lose a year playing their possessions and you do absolutely nothing. You won’t write anything. Could you turn off the decay time like it was done a year ago? At least do what you can…

It already has spread to Sip[tah for about 4 months now… I agree Funcom @community PLEASE for the love of Crom freeze the server decay timers


Official server #3514 PvE Conflict has this issue. This is now the third day I can’t login during America timezone. Who is responsible for this? This is innacceptable

No access on 3052 in the evening either, will try again tomorrow, trying to stay positive although it seems noone cares ,a few days left before bases decay and this game gets uninstalled. Hoping to get access tomorrow.

Its been nearly a week now for me, no response from Funcom. Tickets ignored and auto solved

Never seen customer support like this lol

@Community please can we get some acknowledgement seeing how the original issues is over a year old

Has anyone gotten into 3052 today? I can try in the evening next because of todays serverproblem

Is working now. 11:45 am cet
But I am still waiting for my main door :confused:

Edit: now the door is loaded. Around 15 minutes later.
That is a good time compared to the last times I could get online

Ok good hoping its not too late.

3051 still on infinite loading screen at 11:25 gmt after taking about 5 mins to fill