Infinite loading on pve-c EU PlayStation server 3041

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance]
Region: EU

For couple of weeks this certain server, but also (!) many other pve-c servers are not letting people log in. Yes, people in plural, because I already saw people complaining about it on forum, and on party chats, so I know this is not just me, but many other players, and that it’s not a device problem, because it happens on PS4 as well as on PS5, and to everyone on those servers.

What exactly is happening? Server isn’t full, not even close to full, so I should have be able to log in, but I cannot. Loading bar takes ages to load and when it finally does, it get stuck. The end. And this happens every day, every single day and resets only after server restart. Then we are able to play for couple hours, but if we get a Critical Error, or lost connection with server and internet after certain time we are no longer able to log back into the server. At the beginning this “certain time” was around 9pm, but day by day we weren’t able to log in earlier and earlier, to this point, that it’s 1pm and we already cannot log into the server! So like if we lost connection and has been logged off the server before this certain time, we can still log in back, but we never know when the server is gonna glitch, and when it’s gonna happen to us. We might be spending hours on farming stuff, and then being kicked off the server and because of the bug won’t be able to log in back. Those remained people who didn’t get disconnected are still in game being able to kill us and loot, and that wouldn’t happen if server would have let me log in… It starts to be unplayable, people are loosing bases because they cannot log into the server and don’t reset decay timer, those who are working are not able to log into game before 1pm when the server begin to glitch, because they usually finish work hours later…

Many of us already tried to get an answer from Funcom, why is that happening and when it’s gonna be fixed, how many times we need to loose loot and bases and loads of hours spent on this game being wasted because of the GAME issues! Not even in a fight or like on pvp servers being raided, but because game doesn’t let us log in!

We have sent tickets, messages trying to get an answer for all of that and it’s weeks now and nobody got any reply. Not mentioning that game didn’t have a patch, bug fix or anything, for more than half a year (!!!). We don’t expect an update, new DLC, we know it comes, but the game is buggy by itself right now, we would really like to play it just without bugs rather than wait for new update… Because if this problem continues after update then there is no reason for us to keep playing, as the game is unplayable right now. We just want it fixed so it can run as before and we can play our game.

I would also mention what is happening on pvp, all those undermeshing, not only building undermesh but getting inside the mesh and raiding people inside the structures, walking behind the green wall, building (!) behind the green wall, building bases in the sky or under the map, glitching thralls with stacking up food effects and raising their strength every our so they can one-shot players and overpower other thralls! Also non existing pvp when thrall and one touch is all we need to kill players. Bosses glitching under the textures after being killed not letting us pick up the loot from it, after our time which we wasted on killing it, and many, but many other things.

All those people on this forum love this game, but it’s become very difficult for us, to have patience when those issues last months already and nothing is being done about it, and at the end game doesn’t even let us log in… I am sorry but dear Funcom, you are hurting yourself and you will loose players if you won’t care about us, don’t reply to us, and we won’t see that you are gonna do something about it. All we want is to play non-buggy game which we paid for.

  • Concerned and disappointed player

You said you made a ticket was it to Zendesk? That is where they need sent address is

. Good luck my friend.

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Yeah that was to Zendesk. No reply still tho. And some servers have this issue since October, and nothing is being done. That is why I am trying where I can, and have sent multiple tickets about it. All they did is merged them all together now, and that is the ONLY information I got from them, that all tickets are ONE case now, but still didn’t get a proper answer…

I also just found other topic with same issue:

And even in this topic it’s just funcom and g-portal throwing the blame on each other instead looking up to fix the problem. Guy even messaged g-portal and they are just blaming others for that, this is ridiculous :woman_facepalming:t3: He posted photos of it, and still problem is not being fixed.

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EU servers are horrible. My main server is 3041 same as yours and game is unplayable. It all started months ago where you needed to let the game load all your items in for 10 minutes before you should move. For the past 2 months it’s been hard to get in. I’ve sent plenty of tickets and all I get is “we are looking into your report but will not be able to tell you the outcome…” I sent in 8 tickets in one day due to me being upset over not being able to log back in. Then when this not being able to log in during pvp time I got more upset. I live in the US but play with my clan members/friends in the UK. So I cannot log in until 4pm my time after work but get stuck in the loading screen. Then I cannot play it since the game doesn’t start. I’ve lost plenty of armor and weapons and almost lost a few bases. I put plenty of hours into this game and don’t want to lose anything unless I want to. The fact this game is great but Funcom dropped the ball on checking in with consoles. They want to push the dlc to pc first and probably are getting ready to break this game on consoles since they cannot fix current issues. It would be nice to get answers back or even twitter responses or some type of media outlet. They need to make sure the consumers are happy and check in more often. Developers are the dad that leaves to get cigarettes and never comes back. While we are in the dark closet waiting for them to come back. I’m not spending anymore money on this game or content until it’s fixed. I’m surprised there is no # on twitter for Funcom or Conan Exiles getting called out for all the problems.

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Hopefully us console players will get the parity patch by the end of the month its supposed to have alot of fixes

Yep. Its not just EU servers. Im in PVEC N American server and have been dealing with this for a while, load bar fills and doesnt let you in until the next day before PVP time. Its been frustrating bc PVEC is the only server type that fits my playstyle. Although im typically on every day (when the server works…) I cant be on ALL of PVP time on PVP servers. Im a working man.

Ive sent messages to community managers who just brush me off to make a Zendesk tix and when i make them, hear nothing back…

Now, you arent the first im seeing have this problem that is also on a Conflict server. If this is some shady tactic by Funcom to try and push ppl off of Conflict to eventually remove the server type, i think ill finally be done… Love the game, really hope its not the case.

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Sooo annoying, everybody experience the same problem, INFINITE LODING SCREEN.
Please get it fixed!


I couldn’t even log onto the server at 6am. This is getting old!

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Just got a response from my ticket, they are looking into it now, they say. So we shall see

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Pve-c server 3041, clan honeybacon,the same problem! Infinite Loading Time, your pg die during this time (for food, water and any time violent too).
The certain time to play it:s only 4 am? Or 4pm also? Thk’s guys

When I reported this same problem on server 3052, I was told to wait the update, so I assume it will fix this.

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I hope that, for make the update, they don’t destroy our mountain city.

Yeah this happens on Xbox from time to time hope this big update will fix it :man_shrugging:

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I am having the same issue, for months now.

This is the third day in a row I have not been able to log in, and reset my decay timer. All due to this issue.

If and when I am finally able to log in, at this point, I am already resigned to finding everything gone.

If that does happen, I think I will be giving official servers a miss in future, no point in building up just to have this nonsense happen.
If it was down to an error on my part , or even just being outplayed, I could accept it, but to just not be able to actually play at all just because of this, is just so…lame.


I mean whoever has a big problem to ever log in, or just can’t do it before work and after it’s impossible, I just wanna let you know that your character is standing up and you are already ONLINE WHILE YOU’RE LOADING into the game and in the same time resetting decay timer. You are already on the player list, and in game even if you cannot see the screen. You can also die in the same moment, by being killed, by thirst or hunger so make sure you are always logging off naked, if it’s possible to predict when you’re gonna stop playing. Obviously you won’t be able to save all your buildings but whenever it’s possible to log in, just log off in the place which is most important for you.

Unless you lost patience and you don’t trust and don’t wanna have anything to do ever again with Funcom, then gg, you fought brave, you had patience, we have all been lied to, and ignored. They wasted a lot of our time and patience, and they still hope for so much more giving us so little instead. You are a hero if you survived this long anyway.

Love & Peace my great survivors.


It would be smart to say that I admire your writing , which is very good actually , but m8 - girl ,I cannot really understand , I love the photo of your profile :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: , awesome :+1: . Anyway , I tried to play on pve c EU servers but they are just a few and broken , so I agree with your complaint :+1:

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