Infinite loading screen in pve-conflict

On server 3829 pve conflict. My wife and I have spent a good chuck of the last month building our area and beating bosses enjoying the time we’re on. But unfortunately after 6pm eastern time ( when it happens most often) once we log out of the game we can’t log back in at all until early the next day.) I’ve sent out multiple tickets and the response I get is that the Will look into the situation. But never a clear answer to the problem. I’ve lost armor and multiple legendary weapons due to this. Not only that but I could not login for the purge. Hearing that a new company has bought the rights to the game and still being full price on the PSN store is hope to get at least a reason this issue occurs. So after getting multiple auto emails back from them not telling me the true situation. I ask the community if anyone knows the reason this happens or if anyone else has this problem. Thank you for you time.

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Welcome to the forum. This issue has been present since around October 2020. You are not alone, as nearly all PvE C servers for PlayStation are currently unjoinable.

You can check my topic where they are providing updates:

Funcom have announced a fix for this issue which should hopefully be released in roughly 4 weeks, with update 2.6 which is currently in testlive:

Hope that helps.

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