Server 3515 not working properly

Server 3515 will load all the way too 100pct but won’t let me in the game and then when I try the game hours later or the next day it says I have starved to death and I lost all my stuff…time 8:30pm and still getting a full loading bar been trying for 30min to get in shows 5 other people in the server


Hi and welcome to the forums @Zarakie!

According to this server’s stats it seems to be running as expected and it has been getting player traffic in the past days, do you have any issues connecting to any other server?

Could you also ensure that your console is on a wired connection rather than wireless?

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I was able to login roughly 2:30pm est and was able to run. I logged out switched servers for about an hour then tried to log back in. And all i get is the loading screen. Can watch the bar fill up and finish but will not switch over the game. Its been doing this for the past few nights. Can watch it fill and nothing. There are 3 of us trying yo login and none of us can. We all have different connections so it can’t be that.


It keeps doing this, it’ll only let me on in the morning

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@Hugo never mind that, it’s morning now and it’s crashing. How is this so hard to fix with just one specific room?

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It’s not my connection many people have been having the same issue for months when I’m able to log into the server everything runs fine with no issues it’s the problem of getting into the server

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Something fishy’s Deff going on here, now it’s kicking me off

Are you currently having any issues connecting or staying connected to the server?

Staying connected, and now it just blacks out and goes back to options screen

Call of duty and every other game work just fine so it’s not my connection

This is getting very old very quick. I was just on the server and running around. 30 mins later I try login and the bar moves slow but fills up ans freezes at 99 or 100%. This has nothing to do with our side. It has to be on the servers side.

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This is very fun game but there gonna lose a lot of players if they don’t look into the bugs of getting into the game

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@Hugo Who do we need to talk to to get this fixed? It is starting to piss people off. Hell you can’t log on any time past 3pm est and when you do it stays on the loading screen but wakes up you toon and kills them from hunger and hydration. Then you lose everything that you had on you and have start all over. This has been going on and off for a few months now.


If your talking about the PvE Conflict server I’m in the same one, having the same problem randomly.

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Still not able to log in to 3515 PvE official server , I’m on wired connection and all my other online games are working fine. I’ve come to far to let it all go.

@Hugo still losing connection to server

They reset it this morning I’m on now actually.

I tried this morning and I just tried now it’s still not working but call of duty is so I guess I’ll just keep rocking out with that

Been trying to get into the server since 2pm it’s now 5pm and can’t freeken log in…

@Hugo I tried all day and it’s not working, now it fills bar half way then goes back to start screen. I might just give up on Conan at this rate

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