Server 3515 not working properly

I’m starting to get that way Guess phantasy star online will be getting a lot more of my time

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I was on for a while today but out of no where it just froze GTA 5 online is working as well as Call of Duty, Conan servers are just trash at this point wish they would just come up with a solution for it all but I think until then I best give it up and just try to login every other day so my hard work doesn’t decay and that’s it.

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Can you confirm if other servers are working fine for you?

If not then here is one solution: Hide Player List on Official Servers

What do other servers and hiding player list have to do with this server kicking people of or not letting us log in at all? This game is broken and funcom has no solution, we’ve wasted our time playing and building on this game. Every other game I have works just fine it’s Conan that’s broken

3212 and several other servers are like this
aswell. You cant logg in and the loading bar goes to 100%. If you manage to logg in and die you get stuck in the death screen. This problem have been consistant for several days.


We can determine if there is a known issue with some due diligence.

Y’all are getting bad as anthem for excuses js. There’s got to be a fix for infinity loading screen

I guess if you’re the only person online it’ll let you on for all 5 mins lol welp atleast I got to update decay timers. Ps Conan has the Corona virus :joy:

With about 50 log ins and rolling around because you can’t move you too can make sure your bases aren’t going to decay :joy::joy: oh conan you silly goose RIP

I didn’t even know about this page until a friend told me about it, I thought I was the only one not being let in but this game keeps measing up and it’s been doing it along time now, I just lost a base are you guys going to give us that material and stuff back? Do you even plan on doing anything about it?

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Server 3515 has undergone maintenance a couple of hours back and has not shown any anomalies in its network traffic since then, please let us know if you experience any further issues, we’ll keep monitoring the server as well on our end.

@CIESO-OPP Unfortunately we’re unable to provide any assistance regarding the loss of materials or items in-game.

@Hugo well I just got kicked and I clipped the video u want that?

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@Hugo yup just logged in and kicked again

@Hugo and still kicking

@hugo I put all 3 clips up on my YouTube, I’ll tag conan exiles but you can also find it under my name ant wyze

Have you tried changing your DNS server. If you don’t know what that is look it up on YouTube Best DNS for PS4. Try a couple one and see if they work. Good luck man

We’re not detecting any issue with the server at this time, there are also 10 players on it so there might be an issue on your end.

Are you able to connect to other servers that are currently populated and are you on a wired connection?

I don’t know and I’m really not dealing with Conan I’m playing other games without any problems, call of duty is a fast paced game and I’m not lagging or anything on there. I’ll just roll around and check my bases as best as I can till I decide to just give up on it thanks anyway

@Hugo it is on a time frame. I am EST time zone and I am able to login up to around 3pm after that no sense in trying. The first 75% loads fast the the other 25 goes slow then freezes at 100 on the load screen. Just tried it again and again.

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This game is completely fed up I just got kicked off my story mode :joy::joy: lemme guess it’s my dns server

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