Server 3515 - Unable to enter the game. Infinite loading screen

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [USA/PVE-Conflict]

Good night! I can’t log into the game. The bar loads, but the game does not enter. I’ve already lost a thousand things from the inventory because of that. Very frustrating to invest in game packages and not being able to play. I have 2 days in a row that I try to get in and I can’t. In other words, if I continue like this, I will lose the foundation that so much time is costing me to do. And it’s not the first time. This happens frequently. You launch the packages, we buy to play, but you don’t provide enough support for users to be able to play whenever they want. I have this account since the launch of the game, but it is impossible to play. I would like to know what you can do about it. I’m on PVC 3515. My ID: Senhorita_kelpie

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start the game;
  2. Choose the Server 3515;
  3. The game begins to load;
    4.The loading bar stuck at 99%.

Try going into your offline game then without leaving go into your online game worked for us awhile back. Does anyone else have a problem getting on that server?

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Todos do meu clã tem a mesma dificuldade… Tem dia que funciona… Mas se sair e tentar entrar novamente depois, não funciona. Hoje já tem 3 dias que não consigo logar…

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3515 is awesome I love it soooo much it works perfect everytime for me and a lot of goodies from decay Thank u Brazilians


Me and serafy just had a nice time tickling eachother

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Same problem tonight…but not this AM or the afternoon so strange.


Flawless room i never have any issues day or night I especially love the scenery from my view :smiling_imp:

Sorry I don’t have a answer. That had worked for me when I had issues. Have you tried going to some other servers when you can not load on your server as a test. I assume others you know are able to log in.

OK same thing happening again. It’s good in the AM, good @ lunch and then it isn’t. @Hugo Is there something happening when the server goes PVP that is stopping some folks from coming on? The history of this happening on this server is pretty clear there is a problem with the server. Just search 3515 to see that this has been a problem for a while. I fear that it may require a complete wipe but they aren’t my servers and I’m not the expert…but expect people to be ticked.

I’m just riding the wave maaaaaan if it dies it dies. ALMIGHTY MIGHTY IN THE HOUSE CREEPY LEEPY LIKE A MOUSE :smiling_imp:

Ps the gulag is also fun step away from Conan in the evenings and COME GIT SUMMMMMMM

Honestly this has been an ongoing issue on this server (and others) for almost a year now.
My advice? Give up on the server or give up on Conan entirely. This isn’t going to be fixed.

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