3514 Needs Your Attention

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For quite a few months now, we can’t log in to 3514 and get an infinite loading screen only in the evening. This happens in the evenings at about 5:00 pm. We can login earlier in the day but if we get disconnected in the evening we can forget about getting loaded back in. Perhaps you need to restart the server 2 times a day instead of one. Once in the morning and once in the late afternoon. Would you be willing to try that to see if that helps us? Pretty please with sugar on top!

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Restart is a good idea, might help with the rubber banding too.

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I load in early put everything in chest close by and allow myself to continuously die all day til I’m home from work. Haven’t had a problem since. A few times I have been disconnected after 5pm and luckily have been able to load back in immediately.

That’s a good work around but it would be nice if we could just log in when we want. It happened to us again last night.

Until it is addressed its the only way to work around this issue. Sometimes it’s only 11pm and I’m the only one on. It’s been this way for months. Unfortunately a friend of mine sent me a screenshot of being stuck on loading screen, 20 minutes. Didn’t have it in me to say all your inventory is gone buddy. It’s sad that people want to play and they can’t for a problem that’s a simple as a typo.

I am seeing an infinite load screen on 3514 now. I was logged in around 11AM EDT. At that time all wild NPCs were identified in German text until I place them in the wheel of pain.

I noticed the NPCs are not named in English anymore too.

Hello @PMSPrincessBlues, welcome to the forums.

According to the server statistics there doesn’t seem to be any issue with the server, would you be able to provide exact time stamps (incl. timezone) of when you have connectivity issues or difficulty in logging in?

The more timestamps we provide to G-Portal the better chance they’ll have of identifying any possible network issues.

For starters let’s go with Friday 7/24/20 at 4:50 central time. Both my cousin and myself were unable to log in. @Hugo

I’m really surprised more people aren’t complaining. Why do I have to be the Karen?

I am having that problem right now Rhode island, it’s 6 o’clock pm. I cannot load all the way. It stops at a sliver to go. @Hugo

My cousin says I’m standing there but I have a loading screen @Hugo. I died of hunger now @Hugo. I got booted with error (ce-34878-0) @Hugo

@Hugo I beat her bloody trying to help her load but she died of thirst

I tried to log back in and having the same issue. 7/28/20 central time 5:25 pm @Hugo

After reading comments i decided to log off at 945 pm. I immediately tried loading into game, stuck on loading screen. Lol “there is nothing wrong with this server, move it along sheep”

The server says we can only play during the day. Haha

Thank you, we’ll rely these timestamps to G-Portal so that they can verify the server logs.

7/30 1820 EDT stuck on the loading screen for 12 minutes so far. 312 ping and 4 players were already logged on according to the menu.

@Hugo still stuck on the same loading screen from previous post. Scratch that. I just got a ce 34878-0 error. that’s new. usually it hangs until I close the application.

Hey Jack just rode through desert spawns, saw 4 unconcious