3514 server connection issues won't let me log on to server

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***can someone please fix official server 3514. Ive attempted to contact devs on twitter, email, and forums with no help. This has been an issue since the last update on ps4. If i log in and connect to the server, when i log off and attempt to log on again im stuck on the loading screen, the loading bar loads to the end and nothing happens. Thank you!

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Hello @Notoriousryan1980, this server is currently undergoing its daily restart, could you please let us know if your issue persists after it has concluded?

yes it is still an issue, was able to get on today. Logged off, and wasn’t able to connect again. A lot of people are going to lose their bases from decay from no fault of their own.

Thank you for your reply, we’ve checked the server stats and there seems to be no issue, there’s also plenty of player activity throughout the day.

We’ll reach out to you privately to ask for further details to help determine this issue.

It was an issue last night at 1 am eastern time. I logged off earlier and Attempted to login and it wouldn’t let me connect. Also a buddy of mine attempted to connect to the server and a new spawn, and it wouldnt let him create a character. He said it was just rocks and sand in the background.

1150 pm eastern time…still won’t let me connect

My son has attempted to sign on the server and he cannot connect. I was able to connect to the server around 430 pm eastern time. I already know if i sign off and log back on i won’t be able to connect.

This sounds like the same issue as server 3515 that we have created multiple threads on with no solution for months

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245 am eastern time, still not able to connect to server

May 16th 7:12 pm eastern time, first attempt of the day to log on and i cannot connect to server 3514.

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