Still unable to login to official server 3515

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: Bug
Region: America

Official server 3515 seems to continue having issues with trying to login during evening times. This issue closed recently at the link listed below. We were waiting for this week’s hotfix to see if it solves the issue but it did not.

The game will attempt to login but feeze at a completed load screen. It does actually log our characters in and we continue to die and lose everything equipped. We have started logging out with nothing in our characters inventory after this occurred multiple times as we have no idea when we will be able to login again. Some evenings it works fine and the game is playable but most often than not we are locked out until server reset.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Attempt to login after 5/6:00 PST
  2. Sit at load screen

Can confirm this is happening to myself (my old topic has also closed) and others.
It’s sporadic and unpredictable now but there are days we can’t log again.
Like last time other servers and offline mode still function normally, this is an issue unique to 3515.
Thank you.

Hey @Sandstorm, we’ll look into this matter as soon as possible, thank you for letting us know!

Just happened to me. Can’t log in to server #3584 nor can my clanmate, I was just in the server but closed my game to load the dlc I just bought. Been looking at this full loading bar for an hour n half now…

Same thing happened to me yesterday at the official PvE server I play…

Together with the decay timer, this is a fatal Error… I cannot play to safe my base.

If possible have a clan member (or yourself) attempt to log in during a different time of day.
If you normally play in the mornings try logging in at night. If normally at night try in the morning.
Our clan has been dealing with this issue on and off for a month now. Rotating log in times works for us even if it’s just to log on for five minutes before work to reset timers.

Hello @Irish_Ginger, welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out, we’ll look into your server as well.

Worked again yesterday… And was alive in my base, but in full gear which I never do :smiley: (always put my stuff in the chest).

Hopefully it never happens again… And at first my base didnt load completely. Therefore I wanted to login again and then it didnt work (was at 100% and nothing happened).

funcom, I’m still having problems logging on to server 3515, do you have any solution for this?

When I was unable to login, I was able to see the loading bar and it was stuck at 100%.

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@jot29 :wave:

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Hi @Triton30, according to the server stats, #3515 seems to be running without any apparent issues at this time.

Can you confirm that your console is on a wired connection, and do you have any issues entering other servers?

I can’t speak for Jot but I am also still sporadically experiencing this issue (not knowing on any given day whether or not I’ll be able to play).
All other servers and play types still function even when 3515 does not.
If I’m unable to log into 3515 (with %100 load bar) different ps4’s and connections will also be unable to log into the server.

Hi Hugo,
Ive tried on 2 different ps4’s and multiple other steps around this issue. It is a server issue that hits on random days and shuts it down until next restart. All others servers will load and work fine but 3515 will not when this occurs.

Thank you for your inputs, we’ll be monitoring the server for any unusual activity, if possible please let us know the exact date/time in which you experience these issues.

I just tried and failed to get into the server (Saturday 9:20 pm PST)

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Hi, hugo. Sorry for the late response, but the problem is perceptible, although lately it has not been presented. What bothers me too much is the lag so terrible the server has. use, conan exiles by cable.

Hi, hugo. Sorry for the late response, but the problem is perceptible, although lately it has not been presented. What bothers me too much is the lag so terrible the server has. use, conan exiles by cable

Same thing happen to my clan on official PvP 3608 (PS4) between 10:20pm and 5:00 am when server restet. We lost all of are best gear. We are all hard wired with really good internet connection

I thought it was just me and here I am blaming hackers hehehehehe, we’ll just a few mins ago it kicked me but then I tried getting back in and it let me in. I’m not sure what’s going on but it would suck major testicles if we lose our bases. A lot of times I see way too many new people that never stick around come on and ask me for things, I always give them what they ask for and more but since this has been happening and then I never see the people again I just decided to turn my messages off. Hopefully this gets fixed soon because its been going on for too long now.