Unable to log into 3515

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug?]
Region: [America]

I have been unable to log into my main server, 3515 PvP-C, for two days. I select server, go to the load screen and then it will sit there at a full load screen but not proceed into the game.
I can play offline and I have tried logging in to other random servers (trying all three official server types) and am able to log into all of those. Offline mode also seems unaffected.
I know that it’s not my internet/PS4 because the other servers seems to work.
I also know, from communications with other players, that 3515 is operational and online because they can get on it.
The only odd thing is that, according to clan mates, our clan I suffering from the Purge issue that I’ve seen on these forums with purges starting/stopping/starting/stopping and repeating for hours in the event log. While probably totally unrelated I am the clan leader so I wanted to add it in on the off chance there could be a relation especially since the event log spam started at roughly the same time I tried logging in yesterday.

Thank you for your time

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Attempt to log in to 3515

I am not a clan lead or part of a clan on any other server except one and that server does not have a full enough purge bar.

Hi @Ravencrest172, are you able to login after updating to the latest patch?

If not, could you try to perform a clean reinstall of the game or to rebuild the PS4 database?

Are your clan mates able to confirm if your body is still present in the last place you logged out from?

I haven’t been able to try since the patch (due to work) but my clan mates have confirmed that I died due hunger even though I never made it into the game.
I also attempted to log in on my standard PS4 (I normally play in a Pro) but it had the same issue. A clan mate has also reported this happening to them (trying two different PS4’s, unable to log in, died to hunger, purge spam notifications).
I’ll update tonight but I’ve included a clan mates picture of the purge in the event log.

Update: I still can not log in even after the patch.

I was, however, able to coordinate with another clan mate to test a few things.
Please note that four separate PS4’s were used to confirm these tests (2 Pros, 2 Standard sitting in different cities with different internet connections).

  1. The lock out is not all day long. It begins when the Purge issue (Pictured above) begins and continues until a server reset. During that time no member of the clan can log into the server, we will sit at a load screen with a full load bar (though it appears we at least partially log in since our characters are dying of starvation).
  2. The clan mate that helped test this confirmed that he was unable to log in to 3515 for the last couple of days during the hours that I play at. I also was able to get him to attempt a log in when I was actively attempting to log in and he also couldn’t log in then. Not only had he already experienced the lock out during the evening hours (same hours I play) but he’s also been able to play in the morning hours after reset.
  3. After confirming he couldn’t log in (like me) he checked after the server reset and was able to get on. He was also able to get onto the server multiple times throughout the morning.
  4. Once we reached the time frame when the Purge error hit (again pictured above) the server once again stopped loading anyone in the clan. We are assuming that, like the last few days, the purge is currently attempting to activate.
    If it holds true to the pattern of the last few days it will not allow the clan members to log on until a server restart at which point we will only be able to play until this glitch reappears.

I am currently following your suggestions on reinstalling/rebuilding but I don’t hold out much hope that it will have any impact since it’s now been confirmed on several PS4’s.
Additionally, we are still able to play the offline game AND on any other server. 3515 is the only one acting this way and the only visible difference we’re seeing is that the Purge bar is full and the event log is being spammed by failed Purge starts at the same time the clan gets locked out.
I hope this information is useful because the lock out covers my entire play time for a weekday.

Thank you again for you help.

Working with the theory that the purge error was creating a lock out for half the day for the clan I woke up early (you’re welcome :disappointed_relieved::sweat_smile:) to try logging in after a reset and before the purge attempts to start again.
I logged in without issue and was able to confirm that, starting from 15;00, there was a purge attempt again. During and after this period all log in attempts by clan members failed and only showed a full loaded bar but never actually loaded into the game.
I am attaching another picture of the log only because this time it appears the base sustained damage from a skeleton. However it was minor and the purge continued to stop/start after it and the lock out remained in place.
Based on where the damage was inflicted I’m guessing that the purge is spawning within a cliffside or in the water for some reason. This base has been around for almost a year and weathered purges before but something about this current one is actively shutting the clan out of the server for half the day (prime time hours).
I have seen this purge issue mentioned on other forums and social media and I’ve also seen ones about disconnects/login issues but I haven’t seen the two as solidly linked as it clearly is with us.

I am on the same server 3515 Official Americas. I am able to spawn in the morning after the server wipe at 5 am. Any other attempt to login before the next server shutdown will result in the “infinite loading screen”. I spawn in the desert with all my star metal tools/weapons/armor and other supplies gone even though I exited the game inside my base. This morning I made a chest to store my every day use gear because I know it will be gone next time I spawn in. My gear has disappeared twice already. I agree the problem is not client side but server side. The updates have really hindered my ability to play. This bug is game breaking and needs to be fixed ASAP. I made a forum account specifically for this problem.

Hello neighbor.
Which biome is your base in?
Also is your purge bar full? I’m curious and grasping for straws :sweat_smile:

Hey friend. I’m in between The Den and Muriela’s Hope. I’m on a cliff over the two ponds. My purge meter is about 3/4 full. As far as I can tell, it has been filling. I am 99% sure it is not client side. I have deleted /installed with no effect. I can only spawn in once after the server shutdown. I really hope that they fix this soon.

Yeah we’ve tested on too many different setups for this to be player side. I was sure of that even before I knew about you having the issue.
We are in the north near the Black Keep so not next door. Oh… except we do have a small outpost near you. Man I really hope this isn’t our purge hurting others. It’s not our fault but I’d still feel bad >.<

I have a small outpost in the volcano. It’s not ya’lls fault. Funcom should’ve really testted these updates thoroughly.

Sadly it was happening to us before the patch hit :confused: we’ve had a full week of this now.

Update: our Purge meter has emptied and the log no longer shows purge spams last night but we are still unable to log in for eleven+ hours each day.
I have no more theories as to what’s causing it, the purge being at the same time was all I had :man_shrugging:

Further update: we can no longer log onto the server.
Other servers continue to work. 3515 is shut down as far as my clan is concerned. Our first outpost has now been dismantled due to decay timers because we can’t be on the server long enough to refresh them.

I was able to login once this morning but I get the infinite loading screen this afternoon.

4 hours later and I am stuck on the infinite loading screen.

My whole clan is stuck at loading screen all day.
We are now worrying that we are going to lose literally everything with this glitch

Thank you for sharing your findings with us, we’ll be sure to forward this information to our team so that they can determine if the issue could stem from the purge.


I appreciate the response. This issue seems to be spreading throughout 3515 and I’ve seen more and more posts of others on the server having this issue.
Thank you for your help.