3515 is not allowing logins-Again

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For brevity’s sake there is a like to a much more complete forum topic.
Once again I (and others) can not log into 3515. Same situations as listed in previous topics.
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Hi @Ravencrest172, we’ll reach out to G-Portal so that they can look into this matter once more, apologies for the inconvenience.

The server has not allowed log in for days now

Chiming back in to say wasn’t allowed to log in last night or this morning (at the time of this posting)

The server must be on a timer. It is a toss up if I am able to log in when I get home from work (before 3pm) then if I am able to. Once I log out then I am done I can’t get back on. Hell yesterday I put everything in a box and stood there for 5 hours dying repeatedly so I could play later that evening. It worked until today. When I logged in played for an hour or so and logged out for 30 mins to come back to the loading screen freezing at 100%. You turn in a ticket and get no answer back. I have got emails saying thanks for the submission and I would hear something back in a few days and yet to hear anything in 8 months.

Just attempted login and failed still.
Other clan members are having these issues but one was able to log in midday on Thursday.

Was able to log on Saturday morning for a short while but as of the time stamp of this message, unable to log in again

Still unable to log in. Clan mates have had success in early morning hours but not in the evenings.

Now that I’ve been home more ( :sweat_smile:) I’ve been able to test what clan mates tell me.
I can log in during the early hours then about midway through the day logins not longer become possible.

I wanted to add this image since I haven’t been able to log on all day today. 3515 (top row) has zero players on it which seems to imply that this issue is server wide.

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