Server PVE 3515 is not working

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [America]

[My friend and I are not able to enter the server 3515 (America), we stayed on the screen for a long time, but it does not enter the game (I’m Brazilian, I’m using the Google translator)]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. I click to enter the server
    2.Does not leave the loading screen

Ouch another one. Hi neighbors :wave:
My clan has been locked out for most of the week.
Are you able to log in before 15:00 server time but unable afterwards? That seems to be how it’s working for everyone else so far.

The same happens to me, I am an active player in this server but unfortunately it does not let me join, there is also a lot of lag, also the objects and my belongings, when I get in they disappear, hopefully the funcom guys solve these errors. thanks guys for the efforts, it is understandable, but I would like to see this game in optimal conditions

Haven’t been able to login since the patch, I play daily. On the load screen the load bar fills up but never triggers the load. It just stays there. Please fix.

funcom, in case you lose all my progress, which with so much dedication and fatigue I have made, what would be the solution?

Well it let me on this morning, that stupid load screen actually does load your character, mines dead frof starvation from every login attempt. Lost all my gear. Thanks.

Doesn’t seem right that I lose all my hard earned items due to one of YOUR errors. If I don’t login for a week, my fault, if I die (by a player or my own stupidity) my fault, if I log out in an unsafe area… Again my fault. Repeatedly dying of starvation in a load screen due to your error, NOT MY FAULT. I haven’t purchased all the content in this game just to be shafted on every update.

My whole clan is suffering from this. Early on we could still kind of log in during the morning but now we are just locked out.
I’ve also been “logged in” while looking at the loading screen and my character died of starvation even though I never logged in.
Other servers are playable :confused:

Next time you login make a chest for your gear and make sure you are naked when you exit the game. I’ve lost my gear twice already. All star metal upgraded equipment.

I was able to login once at around 10 am and now I get the infinite loading screen so I am now playing Darkest Dungeon until I can login again.

Infinite loading screen 4 hours later.

Hey @Vitinho045, welcome to the forums!

Our team is currently looking into this matter, apologies for the frustration it has caused.


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