Server 3514 connection issues still!

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***a friend of mine attempted to create a character on 3514 and this is the screen he gets. I also am still attemptingto login for the first time at 11pm eastern time and it will not let me connect. If i logon in the afternoon i can connect. This has been an issue since last update!!,

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

4pm eastern time, first time attempting to log on

230 pm and still cannot connect to the 3514 server. If i attempted to sign on before, as long as it was before 4pm i was able to connect. As long as I didn’t log off for the rest of the day I was fine. Now I can’t log on at all. What have you guys done to fix this?? I have attempted to be nice and give you feedback and provide pictures of the issues and it hasn’t been addressed at all.

I have a strange question for you. Before this issue started to hit (or even now when you can log in) are you stuck in place and have to roll to be able to start moving? Like immediately upon login?

When i am able to log on, i am stuck in one place. Sometimes i can roll and it takes care of it, sometimes it takes longer. If i havent been able to log on and have tried multiple times, when i can finally log on i died and start at the desert. They wanted me to do a test to see if it was just my isp etc etc and i have told them it isn’t just myself. The top picture i provided is of a buddy that is trying to get back in the game and that is the screen he gets when he tries to create a new character. Its to the point it is absolutely ridiculous this isn’t fixed.

Hello @Notoriousryan1980, we’ve reached out to you through PM to request a test to be run, so that we may provide further data to G-Portal.

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