Official server #3051 dont let me connect once again

Game mode: [Online | PVE-C]
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Region: [Germany]

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Hello, I play a long time on this server but the last month I dont understand why I cant connect . It works fine to me since last Monday . But now it starts again, it seems like the same issue that the server 3515 has… I read this topic about this server problems and sounds exactly the same to me . I can connect to all other official servers Iam not on w-lan … sometimes I can connect to it after Server restart in the morning … can any1 say something to this ? coz I spend alot of time on this server …I also did a report to g-portal 2 weeks ago
and thank you for the great game but if it dont works to me thats time wast in my opinion coz Iam actually in a Npc camp and i guess all things r gone
sorry for my weak English greetings

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I just notice that some other people open up a thread about this server , but this aint about 2 weeks. I talked to people they already quit this server because they lost all their buildings ( and they had very nice bases …they call themself Godslayer)… coz they cant connect to the server . I aslo lost my base 1 times but me though ok give it a try because I love this game but this issue is not about 2 weeks its much longer i guess march/ april… like the other servers 3514/3515 thats all i can say to this problems I hope i could help you with that … by the way I play this game since it came out iam not new to this

It’s true that there’s something that need to be fixed since last update (or at least since that point that I returned to play)
Right now I’m stuck at loading screen, but I played last week here, with more or less issues, but I’ve been playing once a week.
The main post is the one regarding server 3515, because the problems there have a longer path. If you check the post, the devs had answered to possible causes and that they’re working on it:
Server 3515 not working properly

yes thanks mate for you answer we will see ,I hope they can fix it. Greetings

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I just started playing this game 2 weeks ago tbh and everything was fine with the server so some players being able to play and some don’t is ridiculous cause I can see players on the server right now but I can’t login

Hello @Germanizzle, welcome to the forums and thank you for letting us know, we’re looking into it together with G-Portal.

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i was these days playing with a mate after i logout ii was not able to connect again for me , he still was on, he invite me and whatever we tryed alot but once i was logout I only can connect after server restart and this not work always 90% of the time i could connect after server restart but not ever … thats what i can say… and the people who i asked quit this server a couple of weeks or maybe month ago because of this problem … this server has at the prime time 5 -7 people back in the days there was 15-25 people at the main time . and iam not only 2 weeks on this server this means i got alot of secrets that cost me houndrets of hours to get them … otherwise i would change the server …so this aint a problem of the last 2 weeks to me … last year i never had this trouble on this server so iam still wondering why sometimes 2-3 people still can play and others not able to connect but maybe this players was on befor the problem starts after logout the most cant connect to it till it restarrts … like i said i hope they fix it asap because iam not motivated to do that all again i had a black ice base and lost it 1 times thats hours of work to do that if you not in a big clan … lets wait and see, funcom did always a good job in my eyes so i looking forward greetings

The issue has been addressed and the server is back up, thank you for your patience.

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Cheers @ Hugo. Now i can connect but i lost all what i had with me, wow this aint funny … because if i freeze in loading screen it tells other that iam online i asked some 1 who telled to me … i died because i dont eat the game thinks iam in but iam not . lol … … wow good luck with it hope you find out what it could be …have a nice day @ all

The server isn’t even back up it has the exact same problem as before it freezes on the loading screen

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