PC Hotfix (13.05.2020) - Server stability fixes, follower fixes and more

Disagree. That clipping issue is cosmetic and didn’t affect function. I was able to access his inventory, mount & dismount at my leisure, and most importantly able to farm ironstone without cracking him over the head every swing of the pick.


Is this true for wild rhinos? Me and my thrall tend to stuck into their heads or under the ground.

There is no Dana only Zuul


That’s not a bug. That’s a feature. But seriously, I farmed some rhinos earlier and was still getting stuck in them like usual. I’ve found jumping to be the most reliable way to get un-stuck. It doesn’t work every time, but it works often enough that it’s the first thing I try if I’ve clipped into another creature.

When I see servers not getting 2 server fps and 500-1000 ping im gonna be happy. Problem is it feel like it never gonna happen.

@Ignasi @Hugo
Any idea if the console hot fix will address this issue making our server unplayable for 3 months? We have multiple threads with no solution or timelines

This was a good and needed hotfix. Thank you. One thing what is needed: Thrall’s health bar should be easily visible. Now I don’t see it. It is hard to control when to order a thrall to return in fight or shoot healing arrow in battle situation. Like Arena Champion kills easily anyone and is very dangerous.

I wonder if they could reuse some of the new code that lets us safely get out of chairs to deal with where thralls position themselves. Seems like there are some smarts to the new chair code that is able to identify a clear spot in the vicinity so that gives me hope they’re on the path for figuring out a better solution for where followers appear too.

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no its just a collision box that need to be lowered that is all or shrunk smaller i know this because when i was modding some thinkg ive notice it too for wheel of pain they use large square block instead of more accurate representation of the devices. i suspect the very same here. just a collision box being too high … but your right i cant know until i seen it … i dont really need the mesh to know what going on … sadly though there no way to test it on dev kit end for adverage user to know which collision box and what collision block it is … i dont believe animation would break like that or else it would be affecting everything else

I have not worked with Conan meshes just know how to deal with other game meshes which you can sit an animation mesh on top of a furniture mesh as in Fallout I would pick my animation in the creation kit then adjust where on the bed mesh the laying animation was. I just hope they fix the bed soon its a nice addition would like to use it lol.

Happy to not have my horse up my clacker anymore so thank you. Looking forward to seeing a health bar on my thralls again…

What walls are those Heaven?

I’m still having issues where my Thrall just stops. No reason. Won’t Move. I have to de-equip everything on them, head back to base and rescue them.

I can’t take them into dungeons; they are just… there.

[EDIT - I should also note that Thralls are not following into dungeons or portals on our server. Dedicated Private Server. Many Mods. None are supposed to affect Thrall behavior. I have others reporting the same thing to me as well.]


Hi Ishinaia,

Those are the bath house walls from Dudes Delightful Decorations. A ton of very cool stuff and placables. Works well and no bugs. He also has a discord with a great community. Enjoy if you use.


Just me


Ah cool. We are on a public server though so not for me. Thanks for the answer

The follower issue is still a huge problem for me.

As I posted in this thread…

"I don’t know how bad it was before the hotfix (as I didn’t play after the patch until the hotfix), but it’s still a severe issue in my game. My horse/camel is constantly getting in my way when fighting/harvesting. It feels awful constantly hitting your pet while harvesting, because they insist on sticking their head in the way. Let alone having them constantly violating your personal space while moving about the map. Or having to circle around your horse every few seconds in combat because they have yet again decided to reposition themselves immediately between you and your foe.

I end up doing more damage to my horse than the enemy does, as it gets so frustrating pulling my hits to prevent damaging my horse that I just start wailing away regardless. I find it so incredibly frustrating that I actually start wanting to hit my horse. Get out of the effing way dammit it!

I’ve stopped playing the game due to this bug and the combat music bug, in the hope of a hotfix.

If Funcom considers this fixed…"

Same here. The thralls are just fine now. They work well. Just the stop and return signs are an issue.
But the mounts are bad. they still block your way or lock you up. You have to jump to get free. Also they push you forward. they run into your back all the time.

Wonderfull work so far guys (I mean that), Ik hope you can easy fix the mount problem.

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I have also faced my horse blocking me during fight or harvesting. Another problem has been thrall’s when it stays behind. I have run quite far and thrall remains its position some where behind my character - like thrall stands at Sepermeru bar and my character is at prison. Some times thrall “forgets” how to use a weapon after a command. It might draw it out after command, but won’t hit target or hits only once.

Uuumm hey there :slight_smile:

I saw, that PS4 and Xbox got their hotfix today. As I am playing Conan on PC I wondered why my private Server shut down twice now and Steam makes an Update… so is there is anything for the PC Version too?

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oh I forgot … still no health bar for thralls and pets mumbles -.-