Decay timers? Turn back on!

So now that the Decay timers are back to 1 week.
Are you ever going to turn them back on for official servers?
Official PVE-c server 3827 is so cluttered. It would be nice if some things started to decay!
Thanks :blush:

Considering a large number of players is still unable to access pve-c servers i don’t
think it would be very fair to turn the timers back on yet. The issue that saw them paused to begin with is still an issue so they should leave them off till that’s dealt with.


I apologize! Didn’t realize that was still a issue!!


It’s not for me lol :joy: but yes it’s still ongoing.

Hey there,

Decay timers on PVE-C PS4 Official servers are still disabled while we continue to work on an issue that is preventing some players from joining those servers.
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They shouldn’t be disabled on Siptah servers.

We all had the problem on Vanilla servers however it does not seem to affect Siptah servers.

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