Decade Rate on official server

currently in the official PVE-C servers the decay rate is unlimited. this results in a high number of extrutures scattered throughout the map of players who are no longer active. new players have no room to build and more serious problems can arise such as building walls around a base to make it inaccessible. Please let funcom turn on the decay rate. Thank you. (there are only 11 EU-PVE-C servers and they all have this issue)

It’s all PVE-c servers.
I agree with you :100:
The amount of spam on my server is ridiculous.
I’d be happy if only they opened their gates.

Here’s the official answer on that issue.


then can you confirm that it will be resolved? will decay rate be activated so that areas no longer occupied by players can be cleared? precisely in the EU-PVE-C_8024 sever. Thank you.

No one can confirm when it will be resolved or really even if, but FC know about it and are working on the issue so hopefully it will be worked out soon.

So long as the bug persists that’s keeping some players from getting into game the decay will remain off.

It is frustrating, but it would be more frustrating for players to lose their stuff to decay because the game won’t let them play

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thanks for your reply. I hope it will be resolved soon.


It wont… It never is… This problem has been going on for years. There is a reason this game is practically dead and funcom could not succeed alone as a company. There is a reason Tencent bought them out completely as they were going bankrupt lol

seriously? are you working there?
it is not only a funcom problem, it is a general problem in video games and I come to regret my cpc464 + with the games with the code to write yourself to finish it
Now the host takes advantage, we could also legitimately ask the question if some person pushes spam to encourage the sale of slot …
Pve-C and PvE are the same
currently I will not be able to finish my base before the purge even if I could finish it short, once again …
I thought, however, that I had taken my precautions by delimiting the field without causing any discomfort for the other players, but not enough …
It is certain that the user experience and customer satisfaction are not that great. I remind you that we pay the game and a subscription to play to be constantly annoying so …
and for info I’m not a private server, it is very difficult to be a player and an admin, question of credibility and neutrality, then many are disproportionate in their management, and I already pay enough like that.
Well, it’s life
I no longer play on any other game, I no longer played elsewhere before the release of this game that I discovered with the psn plus, I am still very happy that a lot of people were able to work on its creation, now like everywhere it is difficult and I understand
this game deserves better
and I imagine that may be some artist or developer and other actor who contributed to the achievement of this title must be frustrated

My issue is that decay is turned off on Siptah servers.

I am a player who is unable to log onto vanilla but can log into siptah servers. Same with people I knew from the server.

Afaik siptah servers are fine

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