Official Pve - c, ps5. Building decay / abandonment disabled? (Siptah)


Lots of players came in first couple days and spammed torches, pillars, single foundations all over nice build spots.

They then never returned. Went to the servers or whatever. It’s been close to 2 weeks and server is still congested with this junk.

Is this a big or intentional? If it is intentional how long will it last or is it permanent?


Decay maxes out at 168 hours (7 days). You can check the decay timer by using a repair hammer or holding the shift key while looking at a item close.

I am aware of the game’s basic mechanics.

In settings abandonment is disabled. A repair hammer simply shows (-) not a value.

I’m asking why abandonment is disabled on official servers

If decay is disabled… then you as admin will have to manually removed them since they are permanent otherwise.

Bro I don’t know if English isn’t your first language or what.

I have said a couple times it’s on a OFFICIAL SERVER

Thx for trying to help I guess

Apologize, was reading too quickly while doing other things.

Official servers should never have no decay timers. All items will decay so sounds like a bug or a setting was incorrect.

I have no idea on why abandonment is disabled so that is a wrong setting.

Yeah I did some digging. All pvp and pve servers have abandonment enabled.

All pve-c servers have it disabled. I’ll be posting
A vid in bugs

On 1941 Official Server (PVE-C) is showing its enabled.

Decay is currently disabled on PlayStation PvE-C servers due to ongoing issues accessing some of them.

If there is an issue on an Official server you need to report, please submit a request through our Zendesk help site. Please also be sure to specify which server number you’re referencing.

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