Please enable decay for 48hrs on official pve-c Siptah servers

First this relates to Playstation, Official, Pve -c servers only. Specifically Siptah.

A year+ ago they disabled decay on ps5 official pve -c indefinitely due to some players not being able to log in.

Fine response.

However those were mostly dead servers with players afraid to lose their 1000 hour bases.

The new siptah servers are spammed with all kinds of crap. 2 or 3 foundations here some random torches there.

My server is constantly crashing, maybe the removal of some of this junk would help.

The time 24 or 48bhrs would be short enough no actual base would decay

The players that can’t log in will lose their bases, if they only have a few hours left on their existing timers. That’s the reason it was stopped.

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