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Hello all, it seems that the decay timers are not proper again. My entire base, which took months to build, and all my thrall have decayed out seemingly over night.
Now this has happened over a few days, i was unable to log in. When i got one of my clan mates to check in on this server everything including my thralls were gone. This took less than 3 days to occur according to the event log. I am not sure why this happened, only that i lost months worth of building, and grinding.
I have spent hundreds of dollars on this game, and i could understand if it had been weeks that i had not logged in, but on all of my other exile lands servers nothing has decayed, well with the excetion of my 3 thralls, still waiting on that fix from a few months ago.
The affected server is:
Siptah official server #8068

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Checked in on Siptah pve-c server and everything was there that was yesterday @VenomenalAnomaly

Greetings VenomenalAnomaly!
Thank you for reporting your situation and welcome back to our forums!

In order for our team to properly assess the situation, please submit a ticket through our Zendesk platform:

Our team will await your report!


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