Refreshing OTHER bases on siptah?

Ok, so since the decay timers were turned back on, I’ve been periodically checking bases for decay and I’ve been noticing a number of bases reading 240 hrs when I look at them. I quickly check the player list and those clans or players aren’t on. What gives? Why am I refreshing someone else’s base and how is this happening? It’s several bases too… not just an isolated instance. Anyone else seeing this happening? Some bases don’t refresh, but many do.

FYI… I’m on PS5, official PvE 8064

Sounds like what was happening on our private Siptah server for the whole time we had it Zero days on server list every ones base refreshed when someone logged in might check official tomorrow. Just need to remove stick from ass

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It seems until the player shows up they stay at 240.
Ive noticed that on our official also.


Yup… super annoying. Hope they fix this asap.

Same here. Probably will be fixed
…in 2024

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