Plz clean up offical server 8065!

Anyone at Funcom can you for the love of gaming please do some maintenance on your game!!! I play on server 8065 and it’s a mess. Several thralls out on the wild where a base once stood. Several bases still scattered throughout the map in place from players who haven’t been on in months! I personally know of one PSN friend who played one day, made a small little base to stay in, and has never logged back on since. That was almost 6 months ago!!! Plus there are some clans, one especially, who has spammed giant unnecessary bases all over the map. The server chases several times a day. It’s ridiculous.


I am assuming you are on a Siptah we play on one don’t understand why Decay is still off.

Yeah, it should be. I’m on 8064, which is a PvE siptah server.