Infinite loading on SA servers still happening

the game is cool when you play online but servers are not working, it feels like a fraud, i cant play online, 2 full official servers + 3 official servers that dont work/get stuck in infinite loading screen, i got a SSD and have waited for 1h+ on many of them to see if they eventually connect…
so first thing 5 servers for South America is a joke… second fix this s*** b4 you loose your playerbase, i like the game but i am really close to contact my bank to dispute the purchase, i cant play and its really annoying to buy smthing you cant use…
the hardware update did nothing…

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I’m sorry you’re having trouble accessing our servers. Our network administrators are working on implementing a solution for this issue at the moment. Once they’re done we hope there will be a large improvement for South American players. Please bear with us while they work on the problem. Thank you for your patience. We know this has been a frustrating issue. Hopefully we will have those servers available soon.


SOON is not an answer.

Be serious, you’re playing with your customers money and time.

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I am sorry to report that the death spiral and infinite load screen is still happening for a private server as well

Adding the LogoutCharactersRemainInTheWorld=False in the ServerSettings.ini has not made a change.

Thank you for continuing to look into the issue.

Update for the private server.

The server was changed from HDD to SSD.
The setting, Adding the LogoutCharactersRemainInTheWorld=False, is still in the .ini as well.
After 36 hours, we have yet to see a death spiral or infinite loading screen. knocks on wood

Thank you devs.


funcom should not sell something they are not ready to deliver… I understand that there will be technical problems and thats fine, but this is not a small problem and its not new either, i have been searching reports about this and they are more than a week old…

Really not logging in

3 full servers 3 servers with infinite loading time…, at this point i feel deceived, can i apply for a refund? i cant play the game and it has been long enough, i waited patiently, no fix, no announce, no nothing, i am tired of owning a game that i cant play, its not ok to sell something you guys are not ready to deliver…
i wanted to upload a picture as proff but it wont let me… anyway i want answers or i will contact my bank this is ridiculous.
by the way you guys could have at least queues to join a server, but there is nothing of the sort, you just have to hope not even knowning how many ppl from south america are trying to get those 120 slots you have for latin america…

And still the same problem. I want to know how to get money back to. This game is barely impossible to play on south america. Unresponsible people that have selled this thing here, when you are only concern about USA and other regions. Infinite Load all time even on empty Servers. Server crashes all time.

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